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WL1801MOD: Question about calibrator set_tx_power command, are BO and trace loss taken into account?

Part Number: WL1801MOD


I'm trying to better understand the calibrator set_tx_power command.

The first argument is the power level. My question is, do the BO and trace loss settings in the INI file take affect assuming I have channel limitation set to 1 (enabled)?

For example, lets say my INI has a trace loss defined as 3dBm and my BO ends up being 7dBm. (lets assume my Power Limits are max in the INI)

When I use the following calibrator command, what power should I expect at the output of the module, i.e. at the U.FL connector?

calibrator set_tx_power 16000 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0

Would I expect to see 16dBm at the output or would I expect to see 16-7-3 = 6 dBm at the output?


  • Hi Brad Caldwell.

    Yes, the BO and trace loss settings in the INI take affect when the "channel_limitation" is enabled.

    Note that the PerChanBOMode11ABG from the INI has different BO mode configs. The BO could be a fixed BO defined from the INI or it could be from the FW. This is the tricky part since the FW script is not accessible. 

    So the output will vary depending on the INI settings.



  • Thanks Seong. I have a quick follow-up just to make sure my understanding is correct. 

    Let's assume my INI is configured for a fixed BO of 7dBm and a trace loss of 3dBm (for a particular channel at a particular rate). Is it true the maximum power I can get at the output of the module at the U.FL connector using calibrator set_tx_power is 20dBm - 7dBm - 3dBm = 10dBm?

  • Hi Brad,

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