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[FAQ] SIMPLELINK-CC32XX-SDK: Changes to GPIO TI Driver in 5.30 SDK

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The GPIO driver was updated in the latest release of the SimpleLink CC32xx SDK (v5.30). The changes may cause build issues when existing applications are updated to this SDK version. For those who were accessing pin names from GPIOCC32XX.h directly, those pin names have since been removed.

Two  workarounds are available for this issue. The first and recommended solution is to remove any direct usage from the GPIOCC32XX.h file. Developers should instead rely on the pin names created in SysConfig.

The second solution is to add back in these definitions manually to allow for code portability between new and older SDKs. However, the same GPIO definitions are not the same as previous SDKs. Care must be taken when switching between the SDK versions (by means of #ifdef, for example). These definitions should instead provide indexes to be used for the GPIO_PinConfig data structure that is automatically generated by SysConfig. Keep in mind that SysConfig now generates the GPIO_PinConfig for all GPIO pins on the CC32XX device. These definitions will not be included in future SDKs, so customers must implement this themselves if required. For example, a pin definition for GPIO4 would look like:

#define  GPIOCC32XX_GPIO_04                 4

Furthermore, updates to SysConfig have resulted in the removal of the “Dynamic” tag. Customers should know that this tag previously had no effect, so there are no consequences to its removal.