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SIMPLELINK-SDK-WIFI-PLUGIN: cloud_OTA example errors

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC3120MOD, UNIFLASH


I am currently working on getting the cloud_OTA example running with a MSP432P401R and a CC3120MOD.

I have been following the step-by step guide ( in attempts to get the example working with Github. During this process, I was able to successfully provision my device to my wifi router and attempt to get the .tar file generated, but I am currently running into what looks like HTTP errors. I've included the terminal printout below.

Based on the guide, I believe these might be related to the cloud_certificate, but I am not sure.

I will include some other screenshots below for reference.

Thanks in advance for any help,


  • Hi Greg,

    in your case the first error you get is -6150 which means "DNS query failed, no response".

    So you don't even get to the certificate phase.

    can you double check that you have an internet connection with your router?

    You can also try with server just to make sure if you are able to connect?



  • Hi Shlomi,

    Thank you for the response.

    I did a little debugging this morning and confirmed it is failing at the function call sl_NetAppDnsGetHostByName(), as the error message says. Good to know it's not failing due to a certificate issue (I'm not too familiar with what certificates do).

    I did confirm beforehand that I have an internet connection with my router through other computers' web browsers.

    I just attempted to use in the code, and it appears I am getting the same exact error message and codes. Maybe this is an issue with my home router?

    I'll update if I come across a fix.



  • Thanks, please let me know.

    It might be that after you fix the DNS issue, the certificates may introduces issues as well.

    But, let's take it one step at a time.


  • Success!

    I previously was using the default DHCP Client Enable setting on Uniflash under Role Settings > STA/WI-FI DIrect Device. Once I went in and hardcoded all of the settings (IP address, default gateway, and DNS server), I was able to make a connection (using a DNS of

    Afterwards, I had no other issues. Thank you for leading me to the fact that the wireless connection itself was the issue.

    Let me know if you have any advice on adapting this for a Github enterprise page for an organization.


  • great, I am glad to hear.

    what do you mean by "adapting this for a Github enterprise page for an organization"?

  • So I want to eventually integrate some aspects of this coud_OTA example into an existing MSP432 project I have been working on. This other project is hosted in a GIthub Enterprise repository, restricted by organization-specific access. I've been using a regular Github repository for testing cloud_OTA, but I eventually want to store the .tar file for OTA updates inside the Enterprise repo.

    I think this just changes the cloud server address, but we'll see. Not sure if this will change the required "token" field input or complicate other things in the 432 program further.

  • I see. good luck then.

    let's close this thread for now and if you have more questions please open a new one.