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CC3235MODAS: SFlash and FLASH code execution

Part Number: CC3235MODAS
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC3235MODS, CC3235MODSF


I have the following questions:

For the CC3235MODS/MODAS module where is the user application (code execution) stored?

I think only in sFlash 32Mb. Am I right?

For the CC3235MODSF/MODASF module where is the user application (code execution) stored? I think it can be in sFlash 32Mb or internal FLASH 1MB. Am I right?

Is it possible (CC3235MODSF/MODASF) to increase the size of the user application serial flash memory?

Thank yuo very much. 

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  • Hi,

    Both modules uses for code storage internal 4MB SPI flash (sFlash).

    • in case of CC3235MODS is code executed from 256KB RAM (at startup is code from sFlash loaded into RAM by ROM bootloader)
    • in case of CC2235MODSF is code executed from internal 1MB XIP flash (at startup is validated whether content of XIP flash is same as MCU file inside sFlash, if not content of XIP flash is rewritten by content from sFlash)

    Difference between S and SF device is that SF device allow to execute much bigger code. At S device your code and other RAM things (buffers, variables, stack, heap) need to fit into 256kB RAM. But with SF you have 1MB XIP for execution of code and 256kB RAM for your buffers, variables...

    No, you cannot extend sFlash at MOD devices. If you need more storage, there are options:

    • use QFN device and connect bigger SPI flash (see list of tested SPI flash memories here).
    • use secondary storage SPI flash, I2C flash, SD card, FRAM. This storage will be under your full management.


  • Hi Jan D,

    Thank you very much for your clear answer, just one last question to confirm:

    The executing program cannot be stored in secondary storage (SPI flash, I2C flash, SD card, FRAM).

    Thank you ver much. 

    Best Regards

  • Hi,

    Yes, that is correct. ROM bootlaoder can load code from sFlash only.

    Theoretically you can create own application which will load code from SD card, etc. into RAM and jump into RAM for execution. But I cannot imagine reason for such use case.