CC3XXXRADIOTEST: Radio tool cannot retrieve device information

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I am currently trying to connect to my CC3120R IC on a custom PCB with the radio tool. 

I am using the following link for the radio tool:

And the latest SDK: 

I am trying to connect using UART. When flashing the CC3120R Flash using UniFlash, all communication works as expected and the service pack gets uploaded correctly.

I have programmed the following service pack file: C:\ti\simplelink_sdk_wifi_plugin_4_20_00_10\tools\cc31xx_tools\servicepack-cc3x20/sp_3.16.0.1_2.0.0.0_2.2.0.7

It seems like there is an issue with different versions of service pack/radio tool which are not expected. Could anyone help direct me so i can proceed further?

Also in version is used, while the latest download provides me with Could also this cause an issue with the latest service pack?

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I have also tried the CLI: