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CC3100: Radio Tool error code -101

Part Number: CC3100
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC31XXEMUBOOST

My customer is using CC3100 Radio Tool to perform the RF test, after hit the Start Tx Testing button, an error appears with error code (-101). 

I could not find any information about this error code, what does this error code stands for?

The customer is connecting the CC3100 through XDS110's UART, does it have something to do with the error code?

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  • Hi,

    the -101 is network unreachable:  #define SL_ENETUNREACH (-101) /* Network is unreachable */

    I'm not sure how this can happen with the RAW interface of the Radio Tool.

    Can you or the customer follow the code to see exactly which sl command returned this error code?

    Can you get NWP log? (see chapter 19 of

  • Hi Kobi,

    After further test, I believe the error was caused because of XDS110. XDS110 does not have CTS/RTS for flow control which is needed for Radio Tool.

    Unfortunately, the customer can only use the build-in XDS110 on their board to connect to CC3100, so they will need to turn of the flow control in Radio Tool. I have found there is a parameter in the source code of Radio Tool, which is \RadioToolApplication_Source\CC3100LibUART\Source\RadioTool.c:

    This seems to determine if the flow control is enabled. I am planning to give it a try to turn off this option and rebuild the Radio Tool, while I need to confirm the following two questions before doing it:

    1. Is this the right way to turn off the flow control? Anything I am missing?

    2. What version of Visual Studio is used to build the project? I tried Visual Studio Express 2010 but it cannot open the .sln project file.

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  • 1. i think this is the right way to disable the flow control. You can refer to the thread below to enable the flow control (it is about the CC26xx and Syscfg/TI Drivers that are not relevant for CC3100 but it can help you understand what needs to be changed).

    2. From the Release notes: "You need Visual Studio with a minimum version of 2010 to open the project". I'm not sure what is the problem (maybe it is related to the "express"). If you will send more info on the error we can try to help.

  • Hi Kobi,

    I was able to rebuild the source code on another computer eventually, I rebuilt the CC3100LibUART project with params.FlowControlEnable = 0, and replace the CC3100LibUART.dll in RadioToolApplication folder with the generated DLL, but no difference is made.

    Are you able to rebuild the source code? May I ask your help to built one version without flow control to support the customer's use case? Thanks!

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  • you are saying that you were able to build it so it may be a different issue.

    I will check if someone else is familiar with this issue.

  • Hi Shuyang,

    Please see Section 11 in the CC3100 Radio Tool User's Guide here.

    For the CC3100, we recommend customers use the CC31XXEMUBOOST, which has FTDI debug support, to connect to Radio Tool. Also note that customers can use both UART and SPI to connect. Please refer to Tables 11-1 and 11-2.