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WL1801: Using the RTTT Wilink Tool to connect to a WL1801 in debug mode.

Part Number: WL1801

HI, I have been having trouble getting the RTTT windows tool up and running with a WL1801 on our test board. I can connect and see the below: 

But when I try to load the .bin and .ini, it gets ~75% through, seems to poll the Mac FW, and then fails, giving me a Calling_GetFW_Version() returned -13108. And the logs look like this:

I have some questions to help me debug. I am using a 3V3 UART-USB converter with 3V3-1V8 level shifter and all the data looks ok at each point in the system. I can see data coming from the WL1801 back to the UART-USB, but for whatever reason this is not being read correctly. Any ideas?

I have pulled the IRQ line high via a 10k resistor to power up the WL1801 in debug mode. Is this enough to initiate the debug funcionality?

And since I can connect to the unit, should I assume my UART-USB coms bus is working ok and that this is a chip side issue, or is it possible the bus is working for simple commands and falls over at more complex ones?

Any insight you would have here would be much appreciated.



  • Hey Dave,

    The 10K pull-up at the IRQ should be good enough to power the device up in a debug mode. This problem typically occurs due to noise on the the UART lines or when the INI file is attempted to be loaded more than once. I recommend verifying proper signal integrity with those lines - lowering the baud rate should also help in this effort.

    Let me know if that helps resolve the issue. You can also refer to this post with a similar issue.

  • Thanks Dylan, I think the issue was the module downloading the FW via the SDIO bus as per the other post you pointed me to so thanks for that. Is up and running now cheers!