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CC3130: Radiotool.c using SPI and UART same time ?

Part Number: CC3130
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC3135


After intergrating the radiotool.c into our RX I observed that some commands are using the uart communication and some SPI.

I would hope that the commands using uart could be changed to using SPI ?

example below:

so there are 3 places using the SendPacket instead of the SPI usage.

Can you explain how to use the SPI instead ?

Another related question : Do we need special servicepacket for testing the RX/TX ?



Jørgen Busch

  • Hi Jorgen,

    I am looking into this. Ill have a proper answer for you tomorrow.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi Jorgen,

    The CC3130 does allow the usage of either spi or uart however, you can only use one at a time. The radiotool.c file is used by the gui to communicate between the host cc32xx and the NWP and only uses uart for that communication. However, the cc3130 does not need to use this file which is why there is no cc3130 project file.

    Going back to SPI and UART, when using the gui and you want to switch between the interfaces..

    You will need to restart the device to switch between spi and uart.

    Now in response to your question about service packs. When you download the RadioTool SDK (LINK) the servicepacks come included. The cc3130 uses the cc3135 image.

    I hope this helped, kind regards


    PS here is the User Guide (LINK) might be handy.

  • Hi Rogelio,

    I think you are not answering question of Jorgen. He want to implement RF testing features into own host MCU. That means he want to control RF testing from host MCU without radio tool GUI.

    to Jorgen: I think usage of SPI is for such purpose enough (just see what sl_ commands are used at radiotool.c). With latest SP you should be fine or you can use service pack from radio tools package.