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WL1835MOD: BLE advertisement

Part Number: WL1835MOD


I am using Bluetopia 5.1 stack, currently the WiLink device would just be a non-connectable beacon but later on we will allow connection over GATT/SPP-LE profile.

Could you please answer the below questions:

  • I am interested in advertising more than 31 bytes of mfg specific data, is the extended advertisement packet supported? Any sample code for this? 
  • Does stack have provision of advertising different beacons in each of the 3 advertising channels (any sample code for this?), so I could have 3*31 bytes available to advertise.
  • can I change the ble advertisement interval? How do I do this, if yes.
  • What does it mean to say the ble device is 5.x compliant - what kind of devices can scan this device with this.



  • Hello Fariya,

    -Extended Advertising is not supported

    - You can advertise simultaneously in all 3 channels but they would all be advertising the same data

    -  Yes you can, using the LE_Set_Advertising_Parameters API 

    - The Device has all the supports all the necessary features to be 5.1 certified, however it doesnt have all features realeased with 5.1 that are optional, for example coded phy or other things that required a hardware change from 4.2

    Kind Regards,


  • Thanks Rogelio for the answer. 

    • How do I know which version of BLE is my device using - BLE 4.x or 5.x?
    • What devices (compliant to which BT/BLE version) can detect my beacon - considering I am using GATT-SPPLE profile/ Bluetopia stack 5.x?
    • Bluetooth 5 offers four different data rates to accommodate a variety of transmission ranges: 2Mbps, 1Mbps, 500kbps, 125kbps: How do I control the data rate my device uses for beacon transmission?
  • Hi Fariya,

    Do see what version the device is currently using you can use the Command HCI_Read_Local_Version _Information using HCI Tester, which is part of the Wilink BT Tools. <- guide for HCI Tester

    You could also use a BT logger to read what your device sends as the LMP version when connecting.

    All devices should be able to detect your advertisements, however, once connected the proper exchanges will be had between devices in which they read each others supported features and core specifications.

    In regards to changing transmission range, im looking into it, ill keep you updated.

    Kind Regards,


  • Thanks for the response. Since I don't use the HCITester tool, is there any other way for me to validate the BLE version my device is advertising?

  • Hello Fariya,

    If you can take HCI logs of either our device or the device you're pairing with youll be able to see the LMP exchange and LMP version of the device. The table i sent above has the relationship between lmp number and core number.

    This is an example from using Logger (a software also included in the wilink tools package). As you can see our Device responds with an LMP version 10 which corresponds to a bluetooth core of 5.1

    Kind Regards,