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SIMPLELINK-CC32XX-SDK: HTTP GET Demo Application fails with TI Clang compiler.

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We are developing on CC3235MODSF with the latest SDK version 6.10. Our application is based on the httpget demo and we have been using the httpget_CC3235SF_LAUNCHXL_tirtos_ccs project as a starting point. Lately, we have imported the project to TIRTOS7 and TI Clang but experienced several issues with the HTTP library and went back to testing with the demo project to replicate the issue. However, I was not able to even make demo application code work. Here is what I have found:

httpget_CC3235SF_LAUNCHXL_tirtos7_ticlang project is built successfully but gives HTTP error code 3003:

httpget_CC3235SF_LAUNCHXL_tirtos_ticlang project is built successfully but goes to HW fault after HTTPClient_sendRequest function:

httpget_CC3235SF_LAUNCHXL_tirtos7_ccs project is built successfully and gets the appropriate response to the HTTP GET request:

This makes me think that there is something wrong with the TI Clang compiler. It looks like it is not even able to compile demo HTTP GET application successfully.

The only change I have made in the demo code is changing the security type in platform.c:

This is a very urgent issue as we are close to sending our products to market. Please let us know if there are known issues with TI Clang compiler so that we can take appropriate measures.

Thanks. Best,

  • Hi,

    I managed to see the issue and it does not work for me either.

    So I started debugging it and it seems like the HTTP task stack size is set to 2048 bytes.

    However, with TICLANG I was able to see that during HTTPClient_sendRequest(), the peak stack can reach up to 2136 bytes which obviously crashes the system.

    So I modified it to 4096 bytes and it works for me.

    Can you check the same on your side?



  • Yes indeed it was fixed after increasing the stack size. However, this is very disappointing since TI Clang compiler should be more efficient than the CCS compiler.

    I have several follow up questions about this issue.

    Is TI planning to release a new TI Clang version that is better than other compilers?

    Is TI planning to release a new SDK version for CC32XX?

    Thanks. Best,


  • Hi,

    At least on the SDK part, the answer is yes.

    There should be a new SDK soon.

    Regarding the TI Clang and why it requires more stack size, I need to ask internally.

    However, I believe it is best to open a new ticket with these findings and it would get redirected to the compilers team.



  • I see. Thank you very much for the help. I will open a new ticket for the compiler issue.