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WL1835MOD: BER Meter test

Part Number: WL1835MOD


I am using WL1835MODGB - I needed information on how to execute & get rx BER test result after initiating this test using Bluetopia stack. Could you please pass on the information?

The commands to be executed are clear for the Bluez tool and not for the Bluetopia stack. Also, how to get the result of the BER meter test is also unclear. Please help clarify




  • Hi FF,

    It is recommended to use HCI Tester for this test if you are not already. 

    I'm copying the code shown in 1.4.1 BER Test - Between Two WiLink Devices Step 2 below:

    Send_HCI_VS_DRP_Read_BER_Meter_Status 0xFD5B
    Wait_HCI_Command_Complete_VS_DRP_Read_BER_Meter_Status_Event 5000, any, 
    HCI_VS_DRP_Read_BER_Meter_Status, 0x00, &synched, &finished, any, &total_bits, &bit_errors, &packets
    if finished== 0 then
     if synched == 0 then
     log"not synced yet %d count",count
     #Fail "no SYNC"
     log"not finished yet %d packets, coutn %d",packets,count
     goto $l11
     BER = 1000000*bit_errors/total_bits
     log"BER is %d e-6 (%d bits out of %d)",1000000*bit_errors/total_bits,bit_errors,total_bits
     if BER > 100 then
     Fail "BER is too high"
     pause "Finished"

    Essentially you first send the command HCI_VS_DRPb_BER_Meter_Start which starts the BER function which you are already aware of.

    After waiting for the required duration (for the appropriate number of packets to be sent), you call the Send_HCI_VS_DRP_Read_BER_Meter_Status in the code above followed by HCI_VS_DRP_Read_BER_Meter_Status which returns the results into the following variables which can be used to calculate the BER, given by dividing bit_errors by the total_bits.