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Melexis MLX90614 on CC3200 launchXL Launchpad

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Hi everyone,

I'm quite new to the CC3200 and I'm trying to get MLX90614 (IR temperature sensor) working, but no success so far. Currently I'm using one of the SDK sample apps: 

cmd#readreg 0x5A 0x07 2

which is meant to read 2 bytes from 0x07 register of 0x5A device, I've got this:

Error in processing command

I have tested it in couple configurations:

- built-in sensors connected (J2 & J3 closed, MLX90614 SCL and SDA to P01 & P02 without external pull-ups)

- built-in sensors disconnected (J2 & J3 open, MLX90614 SCL and SDA to P01 & P02 with external pull-ups)

The whole UART output looks like this:

Command Usage 


write <dev_addr> <wrlen> <<byte0> [<byte1> ... ]> <stop>

. - Write data to the specified i2c device

read  <dev_addr> <rdlen> 

. - Read data frpm the specified i2c device

writereg <dev_addr> <reg_offset> <wrlen> <<byte0> [<byte1> ... ]> 

. - Write data to the specified register of the i2c device

readreg <dev_addr> <reg_offset> <rdlen> 

. - Read data from the specified register of the i2c device



dev_addr - slave address of the i2c device, a hex value preceeded by '0x'

reg_offset - register address in the i2c device, a hex value preceeded by '0x'

wrlen - number of bytes to be written, a decimal value 

rdlen - number of bytes to be read, a decimal value 

bytex - value of the data to be written, a hex value preceeded by '0x'

stop - number of stop bits, 0 or 1



cmd#readreg 0x5A 0x07 2

Error in processing command

Shouldn't it work like that in either or both of those? Or am I forgetting something important?

I've even tested MLX90614 sensor with Arduino to check if everything's fine with it, and it works perfectly. 


  • CC3200 Lauchpad has on-board TMP006 Infrared thermopile Temp sensor. The SDK out of box example, uses this sensor. Are you connecting the MLX90614, sensor externally, to the Launchpad?
  • Thanks for reply. My target application requires an external temperature sensor, and its specifically needs to be MLX90614. So yes, I am connecting it externally.

    Since both sensors work on I2C, I used the same example app mentioned above (the I2C example) to test the TMP006 and it responds fine, so I'm pretty sure there is something about the MLX90614.

  • Ok, I've found out what was the problem. The example sets I2C  to communicate in fast mode by default and for the MLX90614 it needs to be standard:


    Next thing is to make sure is that I2C_IF_Write() function in ProcessReadRegCommand() has number of stop bits set to 0: 

        // Write the register address to be read from.
        // Stop bit implicitly assumed to be 0.

    Otherwise the sensor will return only 0xff values.

    The desired result looks like that:


    cmd#readreg 0x5A 0x07 3
    I2C Read From address complete
    Read contents
     0x6,  0x3a,  0xde, 

  • Glad, you found the issue.. Good luck.