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IMETER-BOOST: monitor of digital GPIO not working



i want to use the digital channels (GPIO) of the IMETER-BOOST. According to the IMETER-UserGuide the digital pins used for logging are not located on the Boosterpack itself but directly on the CC3200-LAUNCHXL Re v 4 .1 on Jumper J5 (see Table 3 in the UserGuide, mapping between GPIO1-4 to GPIO7,GPIUO5,GPIO26 and GPIO27 of the CC3200-LP).
As far as i understand these pins on the Launchpad are labeled NWP,MAC,P29(G26) and P30(G27).

Unfortunately i cannot see any change in the level of these four digital pins in the GUI when i toggle any of them between GND and 3V3. The rest of the measurement-web-application works well, i can see the correct current values of the analog input. Of course i have marked the checkbox "GPIOs" in the Channels Configuration Window of the GUI.

Is there anything i missed in the UserGuide how to monitor this 4 digital inputs? i guess the sample Rate is the same for the digital pins as for the analog pins.

thankful for any advice,

  • Hi Albert,

    I was able to re-create your problems on my end and not sure what the problem is. I also spent some time reviewing the user guide and it doesn't mention much about it. Please give me some time to investigate this further.

  • Hi Albert,

    It seems like it's having issues triggering the GPIO monitor functionality. It gets the right GPIO states when you stop the sampling and start it again. But you have to continue to do that for it to work properly. I'm going to escalate this issue to get it fixed but in the mean time that is the only way to use it. I will leave this thread open and get back to you when I have a fix.

  • Hi Albert,

    I have submitted a ticket internally to get this fixed. I cannot give you a time frame given this fix is out of my hands. Just know something is being done about it.

    When it's fixed we will release an update.

  • Hi Jesu,

    Thank you for your efforts, it is good to know that TI's support system works well. Can you please post the information in this forum when the update is released, so we will be notified!

    best regards, Albert

  • Hi Albert,

    Unfortunately this thread will automatically close by the time it gets done but I recommend you keep a lookout on the imeter website for updates on content.

    Best of luck.