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CC3235SF: Radiotool CC3XXXRADIOTEST does not have STOP transmission in CLI command

Part Number: CC3235SF

Hi *,

I would like to know if there is a CLI command to stop the continunous transmission by thje device. I see only TX command with Time out.

Our pupose is to do automated testing, hence we keep device is TX mode for sufficnetly longer diuration, but as soon as measurment is finished we want to STOP transmsission and move to next test configuation.

Currently, we can only stop TX using the RadiotoolGUI.exe itself, but we need to have the RadiiotoolCLI.exe or CLI  command.

Can you please support it??

Are there any alternantives.

Many thanks


  • Hi Kutbuddin,

    There is no CLI command to stop or cancel any ongoing radiotool CLI command. For automated test setup with the CLI it would be necessary to time your measurements and the set the TX command timeout so that it stops TX a few seconds after your measurement concludes. This requires some script tinkering and experimentation to get the right timing, but it is possible. 

    Of course, I understand that having a dedicated CLI command to stop any current radiotool operation much like how the GUI supports it would be ideal. However, I don't think there are currently plans to do so. You will most likely need to work out a fixed timing setup with your automated test tool.

    Let me know if you need more clarification on using the radiotool CLI or if you have further questions on this topic.



  • Thanks Michael for reply.

    I understand currently there is no solution for the issue i face, except as you mention to use time out command to adjust appropritate timings.

    No Problem, if there is better solution as you mentions to stop as GUI, lets us know when available, it would be apprecitated.



  • Thanks Michael for reply.

  • Hi Kutbuddin,

    Just one comment. Part of radio tools are source codes for radio tools application. Although the code is a little bit "dirty" it is easy to understand. And nothing prevent you implement radio tests into your own application. I use this way and implementation into my own code was very easy. All important code you find at radiotool.c/h.