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CC3120BOOST: Incorrect Documentation

Part Number: CC3120BOOST
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC3120, CC3100


The SWRU457A is incorrect.

The doc shows this image:

However, P1, P2, P3, and P4 are NOT the same as my recently purchased board  (< 2 months direct from TI).  The 5 and 3.3V lines are not on the same labeled P1, P3 (they are physically in the same place)

This is an image of my board:

Furthermore, the jumper numbers are not correct either.  J8 is not correctly labeled

So, can I reply on the switches being correct?  At least some of this I can decipher with a simple DVM and the schematic...

Is there CORRECT documentation out there to match my board?

Do I need to worry about any other incorrect doc?

  • Hi Christopher,

    I'll notify the HW team that the document should note that there are revisions of the board with different silkscreens and list the references for both. 

    It looks like the switch labels on the silkscreen are different too. SW2 on your board is connected to nHIB and SW3 is connected to reset circuit. The smaller switch in the top left (SW1/FRST) is the factory default button.

    Best Regards,

    Ben M

  • Ben,


    What about swpa230 ?  ( CC3120 and CC3220 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi ® Embedded  Programming)

    I am uncovering errors, and lack of details in that one too.  Is something updated coming out (or about to be)? 

    Or should I document all the problems I'm finding there as well?

  • Hi Chris,

    No. Currently are efforts are focused on migrating useful content from the old wiki pages (like this page that I've shared with you in the past) to our documentation on and on improving the SDK documentation (including creating better content on porting the host driver). We don't have anything currently in progress for the CC3120/CC3220 Embedded Programming guide. We are happy to get feedback on it and add that to the list of documentation to improve though.

    One quick note -> If you're open to it, you can use the "Submit Documentation Feedback" link in our user guides/app notes to send us notes on areas that need clarified, updated, or fixed. See an example from swpa230 here -

    The nice thing about filing it this way is that it adds traceability and immediately creates a work item for us/our technical documentation team.

    Best Regards,

    Ben M

  • Ben,

    The "this page" you refer to is the old CC3100  (as you had mentioned).  It's a WikI, not that "explorer" tree...  And I've not seen anything like it on the CC3120.

    I can never find any of those things inside the TI home page website.  Links are broken.  Searches yield nothing.

    I bookmarked a page that you gave me (TI Resource Explorer), because it'll never come up in a search.  Ever...

    But the documentation section on the CC3x20 software doesn't have all the doc.  And the "Device Documentation" on the CC3120 is just a wrapper to the web page.  Which just downloads these docs that I have problems with.

    See my other post on embedded programming the xxRAM ?

  • Hi Chris,

    Yes, that documentation on the page I linked is labeled as CC3100 but still relevant for the current devices. It is simply an example of some of the content we are trying to update and make sure is propagated through to other relevant devices.

    Yes, I understand that the TI Resource Explorer is not promoted very good in the "product pages" on and it can be hard to find. It is a problem that me and my team are pretty passionate about and continue to work on making better. I'm glad you share that view and I will feed that back into the broader team.

    We also recognize that not all of the documentation that is in the "product pages" is reflected in the TI Resource Explorer. I agree it should all be in one place and that is part of what my team envisions as the ultimate goal for TI Resource Explorer...and preferably not just by wrapping the pdfs as they are today.

    A member of my team should be looking at your other post on the Embedded Programming document shortly.

    Best Regards,

    Ben Moore

    Connectivity | SimpleLink Wi-Fi Stack SW Apps Manager