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CC31XXEMUBOOST: Uniflash just sits there... "Loading list"

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So, the first time in a few month, I tried to launch Uniflash.  I used it months ago to create some firmware files, so I could integrate the utility for uploading firmware.

It just sits there.  It's been 5+ minutes.

Clicking on any of the menu doesn't solve anything...  The "Loading..." will not go away.

So, this brings up some interesting issues:

1.  Where is it "loading" from?  Online?  So it can ONLY use this tool if it can "call home"??

2. Assuming this tool eventually does start, can this tool generate the necessary WITHOUT being tethered to the CC31XXEMUBOOST?

3. Where can I get OTHER firmware files?  If I need to test that the firmware is being loaded by my code, simply re-painting the same file over and over doesn't give me a different version to inspect when executing 

    pConfigLen = sizeof(m_ver);
    result = sl_DeviceGet(SL_DEVICE_GENERAL,&pConfigOpt,&pConfigLen,(_u8 *)(&m_ver));

so I can verify that it did infact upload.

  • Hi,

    Uniflash should be using the device list from your local filesystem, so being disconnected from the internet shouldn't be causing your issue.

    Could you try running SLImageCreator directly? You can find the binary in simplelink/imagecreator/bin. That should start Imagecreator and show its UI in your default browser. From there, you should be able to use the usual functionality of the program outside of Uniflash.

    As for being untethered from the CC32XXEMUBOOST, Imagecreator can create device images that can be programmed without the use of that specific debug interface/ UART to USB device. Within Imagecreator, you can generate binaries for writing directly to the external SPI flash, you can generate binaries for use with embedded programming and you can simply create the image and then use it with the Imagecreator CLI to manually specify the COM port, if you have a standalone USB to UART device you're using. You can find more details on the functionality of Imagecretor at its user's guide:

    If you want to test and verify that flashing works, you can find previous versions of the CC32XX SDK towards the bottom of the main download page:

    The CC3220 shares the same servicepack as the CC3120, so you can use the servicepack within an old CC32xx SDK to test the flashing process. Alternatively, you can also flash a test file, and then check to see if that test file was flashed correctly.

    Let me know if you need more clarification or have further questions on flashing the CC3120.