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Part Number: CC3220S-LAUNCHXL
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC3220S, UNIFLASH


I want to perform RF test (sensitivity and Tx power in non ignaling - no connexion with a another device) with the CC3220S Launchpad

I'm trying to use Radiotool V1.0.3.16 with the CC3220S Launchpad. But I have the following message

What should I flash in this device? image? service pack? Where can I find these files?

Can I use uniflash to do that?


Best regards,

Pascal Léger

  • Hi Pascal,

    The radiotool software relies on there being a specific CC3220 application running so that it can respond to the commands sent by radiotool and configure the radio appropriately.

    For your CC3220S device, you can use the precompiled binary located at Source Files/Precompiled Binaries/radiotool_CC32xxS_LAUNCHXL_tirtos_ccs.bin

    You will need to flash this to your CC3220S using the Uniflash tool. There is a guide on how to use that tool here:

    If you follow that guide and add that radiotool file in the "Adding an MCU Image" step, you'll be able to flash that radiotool binary to your CC3220. From there, you should be able to get radiotool to connect to and run commands on your CC3220S launchpad.

    Let me know if you need more clarification or have further questions on getting radiotool working.



  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your help.

    Now it's working with Radiotool for RF Tx measurement.

    How can I know the AT commands  sent by Radiotool v1.0.3.16 to drive the CC3220S ?

    Because finally I need to send AT commands to drive the CC3220S

    I found this document : User’s Guide SimpleLinkTm Wi-Fi® AT Command User's Guide

    but I don't know how to use it to reproduce the config done with Radiotool v1.0.3.16



  • Hi Pascal,

    Radio tools application does not use AT commands. It is used own proprietary communication. Because at radio tools package are source codes for radio tool application for CC3220, you can according them create your own implementation.


  • Thank you Jan for your answer.

    We are looking for a solution to drive the CC3220S with Labview (Test SW).

    Regarding the post below it seems to be not possible to perform RF Test with AT commands

    How can we do that with Labview if it's not possible with AT commands?



  • Hi Pascal,

    I think you have two options:

    • use RadioTool CLI and call this CLI from Labview 
    • check the RadioTool application source code in C and implement this communication into Labview. That binary communication protocol is relatively easy for implementation.


  • Hi Pascal,

    As Jan mentioned, if you are looking to run radiotool commands from within LabVIEW, your main approaches will be to either invoke the Radiotool CLI from within LabVIEW or to implement the UART commands that the CC32xx radiotool application expects within LabVIEW  yourself.

    It's been a few years since I've used LabView, but I do recall there being a method to invoke your OS command line within a LabVIEW program. From there, you can call the Radiotool CLI, using the commands explained in the Radiotool user's guide.

    While I haven't used the Radiotool CLI from LabVIEW specifically, I have used it in MATLAB in order to help perform RF test measurements without issues as it's the simplest method of interfacing the Radiotool tool functionality to a test program. As such, I suggest you take a look at the Radiotool CLI, and explore the possibility of invoking that within LabVIEW.