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CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL: How to use RTC in CC3220

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Part Number: CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL


I am using "simplelink_cc32xx_sdk_2_30_00_05", with CC3220MODASF launchpad. I have time in "year/month/date/hour/min/sec" how to set this to rtc, I tried

clock_settime(CLOCK_REALTIME, ts);

this api needs time in seconds/epoch time, but I have in  year/month/date/hour/min/sec. How to convert this ?

The "clock_gettime()" will return in second's how to convert the same to "year/month/date/hour/min/sec"?

Can I get the epoch time any where by Http get call on internet?

My need is to get the live time when ever my device starts and/or set the time I have to RTC. Read the RTC time whenever I need in year/month/date/hour/min/sec format.

Thank you