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Part Number: CC3100

Hi, in the SWRU534 document on Wifi AT commands only says that it is compatible with CC3200 but not say nothing for CC3100, so my  question is if the AT commands work with CC3100 ?

My application is very simple and so I use a MSP430F123 for counting pulses from a flowmeter, and we want to connect it to WLAN. I would like use the CC3100 for WLAN connection and the UART/SPI for controlling.

Thank you.

  • Hi ldv,

    The CC3100 does not support AT commands. I suggest you take a look at the CC3100 SDK:

    The CC3100 SDK has many examples which show you how to use the SimpleLink driver running on a MSP430 to control a CC3100 and interact with WLAN.

  • In reply to Michael Reymond:

    It is a very confused situation. We have work a lot of years with microcontrollers from TI and now when I want use the wifi circuits for connecting to a WLAN, the interface for doing that is not clear. In the promotion videos it is shown that the F5529 is o.k. for connecting to CC3100, but there is no information on others families, so I would like to get a global understanding of the different options and is frustrating read that with the CC3100 or CC3200 IS VERY EASY connecting whatever microcontroller to wlan but when you try it ......
    Also, we would like to get information for programming the pieces in ASSEMBLY not C, that is possible ?.
    Any way, I will keep on trying breaking the obstacles.

    As my application is very simple, counting pulses from a flow meter. I wonder if it is possible set up the CC3100 module (with flash inside) with the pc and permanent parameters, and then disconnecting of pc and connecting in the application side with the microcontroller (F123) through the UART or SPI for sending and receiving data to/from the wlan. In this situation, the module working as STATION will connect to an AP after power on and then communicate with the microcontroller with interruptions. 


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    In reply to ldv:


    For communication with CC3100 devices is used SimpleLink driver. SimpelLink driver is written in C language. For usage this driver you need C compiler. In these days is C language used with almost all MCU types even 8bit MCUs like 8051 is C used. Development in ASM make sense only with very small MCUs like yours MSP430F123.

    Because MSP430F123 have insufficient resources (only 256B RAM), It will not be possible use CC3100 with it. In datashhet for CC3100 are described requiems for resources: "The CC3100 device can connect to any 8, 16, or 32-bit MCU over the SPI or UART Interface. The device driver minimizes the host memory footprint requirements requiring less than 7KB of code memory and 700B of RAM memory for a TCP client application."

    Updated answer after your update: If you really want to use your MSP430F123 for counting pulses, it make sense use CC3200. CC3200 is a WiFi radio together with Cortex-M4 CPU. And you can create for for this MCU your firmware and off-load your MSP of all network stuff. Also there is 2nd generation CC3220. For CC3220 exists in SDK AT command example. Maybe it can be useful in your case.


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  • In reply to Hnz:

    Hi ldv,

    As Jan mentioned, you will not be able to run the SimpleLink host driver on your device. This means that the CC3100 is unsuitable for your application. Instead, using the CC3200 or the CC3220 would be better in your case. This is because with the CC32XX products, you can code your own interface that uses UART/SPI/I2C, and so all the MSP430 device will have to do is send the data to the CC32XX device, which will handle all of the networking and Wi-Fi interaction.

    If you have any questions regarding using the CC3200 or CC3220, please feel free to post a new thread with your questions.


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