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CC3220: upload program through wireless using HC12

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Dear Ti,

i am working with CC3220 cutomized board, there is any possible to program using HC-12 or other wireless devices. one thing i can't upload the program through OTA because there is no internet/wifi connection.

my project: i want to read some temperature analog data from various cc3220 nodes, the only one board is connected with wifi for update the sensor data through IOT. other boards are connect with HC12 for long range transmission. there is no possibilities to update the firmware through OTA to All nodes. so i want send the firmware through HC12 from Main board. If any body have other option please suggest me.

I hope you understand my need. thank you

with regards


  • Hi Kannannatesh,

    What is this HC12 that you are thinking of using? Is it some peripheral radio that connects over SPI or UART to the CC3220? Technically speaking, if you were to send updated firmware through this wireless channel it would still be an Over the Air update. You could probably still reuse our OTA library, but instead of connecting to a remote HTTP server to download an update, you can instead provide it through other means.

    Take a look at the local_ota example for how you could pass data from the HC12 to the OTA library. The example acts as a local HTTP server, and parses a HTTP PUT request for OTA. The otaPutCallback() function in link_local_task.c is a good starting point for how you might pass in data.

    Let me know if you need more clarification or have more questions on this topic.

  • In reply to Michael Reymond:

    Dear Michal,

    i am newbie for CC3220 and also HC12, so i don't know to what can both do. i was start my studies about these modules at few days ago, that's why i ask the the question to the forum because before i start my project i wan't to clarify It is possible or not. If you can please give more details about this topic or please suggest which materials are help to done this project. 

    thank you

    with regards,