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CC3220SF: Power on Reset after OTA firmware upgrade

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Part Number: CC3220SF


I upgraded the firmware from v1 to v2 using the OTA firmware upgrade. I was assuming that the new firmware is persistent and will retain across power resets. 

When I power reset the device, v1 firmware loads where v2 should have been loaded. 

My question is,can the new firmware loaded using OTA (v2) can be saved permanently and loaded even upon power resets? If so, how can I do it?

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  • Kristin,

    If the OTA process occurred correctly, the new MCU image should have replaced the older one on the external flash. Can you check for any errors in your OTA process and verify the new image is saved to the external serial flash?



  • In reply to Vincent Rodriguez:


    Are you still having issues with this problem?