[FAQ] Read Before Posting: Common Z-Stack Topics and New Thread Etiquette

Hello E2E Community,

Below is a list of topics commonly discussed on the Zigbee E2E Forum along with resources that may help address such questions.  Though not fully extensive by nature or able to encompass all key points, please consider referring to this list before posting a new thread to the forum.

If your question is not addressed by this material then please provide all of the following pertinent information when creating a new thread:

  • Z-Stack version, device, and hardware platforms used
  • Replication steps which caused unexpected behavior, specifically changes from TI example code and actions from the User Interface
  • Ubiqua or Wireshark sniffer logs with APS & NWK keys included
  • Links to other E2E posts which have already been reviewed or analyzed


To better aid the community, please click on the "This Resolved my issue" button whenever a post answers your question!

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