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RE: CCS/CC1352R: I2C pins on collector_SM and sensor_SM example codes

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Hi Toby Pan,

Thank you for reply.when I am tryong to change I2C pins i could not able to change in sysconfig file. If I need to config another pin then I have to set USE HARDWARE as NONE .But I cannot able to change it.  can you please let me know how to change default pins of  uart,I2C and SPI



  • Hi,

    As an example, can you specify which pins you would like to use for I2C?

    That way I can try to reproduce your issue and find a potential solution.


  • In reply to Toby Pan:


    1.For I2C I need to use  SCL-IOID_6,SDA-IOID_5

              2.UART: RX-IOID_21


              3.SPI_FLASH_CS: IOID_14






  • In reply to LAKSHMI NIHARIKA Raviprolu73:

    For I2C, you don't need to select "Use Hardware" as none. That is just a suggestion because this DIO6 is mapped to the red LED on the launchpad. Remove the Red LED in this case ("TI DRIVER APPS" --> "LED").

    For UART, the first UART instance provided by default is for the Display. You can create a new UART instance and select the pins you want to use.

    For SPI, DIO14 was used by BTN-2 (BTN_RIGHT) on the launchpad, so you will need to remove this ("TI DRIVER APPS" --> "Button").

    Currently you will see build errors because the examples use launchpad hardware (CONFIG_BTN_RIGHT, etc).
    Feel free to modify the code to fit your project use case.