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LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1: Can't form/join Zigbee mesh network using TI genericapp example apps

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Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1

I have 2 LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1 boards and am trying to get them to form a Zigbee mesh network. One board is functioning as the coordinator and running the zc_genericapp example program. The other board is functioning as a router and running the zr_genericapp example program.

I am running both examples basically unmodified other than hard-coding the PAN ID and channel to known values and adding numerous printf() statements for debugging. I have also turned off BDB_COMMISSIONING_MODE_FINDING_BINDING on each side when I call Zstackapi_bdbStartCommissioningReq(). I understand that I will later need to add my own logic to handle various events, etc, but for now I'm just trying to form and join a mesh network.

When the coordinator comes up, it appears to initialize properly - ie I receive a BDB_COMMISSIONING_INITIALIZATION event. When I press BTN1 to start the commissioning process, I do receive a BDB_COMMISSIONING_NWK_STEERING event with status set to BDB_COMMISSIONING_SUCCESS, followed by an event with a BDB_COMMISSIONING_NO_NETWORK status, which I assume makes sense because there are no other networks on that channel. However, just after that I see a BDB_COMMISSIONING_FORMATION event with status set to BDB_COMMISSIONING_FORMATION_FAILURE.

Given that the coordinator seems to fail while forming the network, it's probably pointless to expect the router to successfully join. Nevertheless, on the router side, when I press BTN1 to start the commissioning process, I see a flurry of activity and eventually I get a BDB_NOTIFICATION event with bdbCommissioningModeMsg->bdbCommissioningStatus set to BDB_COMMISSIONING_NO_NETWORK. I do see a lot of activity in my packet sniffer but I don't think that the router is receiving the correct responses from the coordinator to the Association Request packets. On the coordinator side, I see two zstackmsg_CmdIDs_BDB_TC_LINK_KEY_EXCHANGE_NOTIFICATION_IND messages come in.

I am trying to understand what I need to do to get the generic example apps running and connecting to a mesh network. Are there any other variables or #defines that I need to change? Any help would be greatly appreciated.