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CC2538: Can ZNP give any response for the Permit Joinning Request timeout?

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Hello E2E Community,

I am working on the CC2538 ZNP Device & the Znp Host Framework Application.

For permit joining request I will get the suceessfull response form the ZNP,

(i.e. commands is acknowledge by the ZNP device & its starting discoveing the devices in to the network)

When ever device found on network it will return the MT_ZDO_END_DEVICE_ANNCE_IND.

But if no device would found there in no response from the ZNP device.

How we get time out response from the ZNP device that, No device found & It has stoped discovering devices.

Shiv Patil.

  • Hello Shiv,

    You are correct in that Z-Stack will not notify the application of when the permit join has timed out and closed the network.  If you monitor the web application you can see that the webserver will manually command the Zigbee Gateway to close the network after 180 seconds has passed.  You can perform similar logic in your application, using a timer to determine when the network is no longer open.


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  • In reply to Ryan Brown1:

    Hello ,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I have implemented a functionality which will call the MT_SAPI_PERMIT_JOINING_REQ (i.e same permit join request with the timeout value as 0x00)

    now I am able to stop the permit joinning of ZNP device.