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CC1352P: Balun + 20 dbm 2.4 ghz + A5645 Antenna matcing

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Part Number: CC1352P

Hello CC Team.

We would like design 2.4 ghz 20 dbm output power + 2.4ghz balun +  A5645 Antenna

But using only 20 dbm channel, i'am really confused about referenced IPC and balun solutions.

To be clear i'am gonna draw it what we want to get.

So is there any mistake ?

Which balun should we select ?

is there any antenna pi network calculator for  A5645 Antenna?

Thanks in advance.

I referenced schematic as below

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    Are you only interested in Tx only ?

    The balun connected to the PA is a wideband Marchand balun so this will work for both sub-1 and 2.4 GHz. You will need to add filtering after the Marchand balun since the harmonics will be very high.