CC2530: Connect to Philips hue

Part Number: CC2530

Hi Team,

My customer is using CC2530 and philips hue,so he wants to know how

the CC2530 can connect to philips gateway?

Could you give some advice?



  • Hi Kevin,

    This should be possible due to Zigbee interoperability so long as the Philips gateway does not require that only specific devices can be connected.  You should contact Philips for more information concerning their solution.  However, you will also need to know the Zigbee Specification version of the Philips gateway.  If it is HA 1.2 then you can use the Z-STACK-ARCHIVE HA 1.2.2a solution or modify Z-STACK 3.0.2 to skip the TCLK update process (requestNewTrustCenterLinkKey = FALSE).  If the customer experiences any issues with joining then they should use a sniffer device to further debug the issue.