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Part Number: SIMPLELINK-CC13X2-26X2-SDK
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Hello everyone. 

  • Application build error;
  • Compile time errors
  • Mismatch between the files generated by Application build and the ZCL cluster files (zcl_ms.h included in zcl_config.h and ti_zstack_config.h).

I am developing  Zigbee device based in the Sampleapp application and  using the Application Builder to configure it. 

In the Application builder, when the Electrical Measurement Custer is included, it results in compile time errors. After a small analysis, I found a mismatch between the configuration files (ti_zstack_config.h) and the ZCL cluster files (zcl_ms.h), both files are generated by the Application Builder. The mismatch consists of different macros, the macro ZCL_ELECTRICAL_MEASUREMENT in the ti_zstack_config.h is different from the macro ZCL_MS in the cluster file (zcl_ms.h). 
  • Hello Gerardo,

    Thank you for notifying us of this issue, I've replicated in the SIMPLELINK-CC13XX-CC26XX-SDK v5.40 and passed this information along to the Software Development Team so that it may be resolved in a future SDK update.  Please note that you can easily resolve this issue by adding ZCL_MS to Project Properties -> Build -> Arm Compiler -> Predefined Symbols.  


  • Hi  

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    As you told me, I added the macro but the configuration file zcl_config.h generated by Application Builder does not contain the ZCL Command Callbacks of this cluster.

  • There are no MS callback initialized in zcl_ms.h of the Z-Stack ZCL, thus none are populated in zcl_config.h after the Zigbee Application Builder completes.

    typedef struct
      zclMS_PlaceHolder_t               pfnMSPlaceHolder; // Place Holder
    //  NULL
    } zclMS_AppCallbacks_t;

    TI's ZCL build follows the basic requirements for certification of standard Zigbee devices.  Any expansion of the ZCL layer will most likely require development outside of the SampleApp design.


  • Excuse me if I don't explain myself well, my intention is to add the Electrical Measurement Cluster that is in the zcl_electrical_measurement.h file but the Application Builder does not generate zcl_config.h with the respective configurations. Instead it adds the MS Cluster which is not my intention. Adding ZCL_MS macro to the project properties does not solve this problem.

  • How long could the next update of this SDK take?

  • What are you not observing being generated in zcl_config.h?  I see Electrical Measurement clusters, attributes, and commands all being populated when I use similar settings.  The SDK is updated quarterly, however it is too late to make changes to the next update (v6.10 in April)