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CC2531: Linux Gateway - MTO routing settings / Route discovery.

Part Number: CC2531
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: Z-STACK, CC2538

The Z-STACK Linus Gateway documentation says:

I was not able to find the relevant options for the gateway.

The core reason for looking into this is that we are adding "routers" to some networks to cope with communciation difficulties.  Despite the fact that these routers seem physically well placed, the targeted end devices does not respond.
So I wanted to see what the delay between route discoveries is and how I could potentially make this shorter.

So in summary:

- Should/can I change those settings?
- What can I do to improve routing (Stack 2.7.2 in this case) using the Linux Gateway.

  • Hi Mario,

    Please refer to the nwkmgr.pb-c.h and nwkmgr_pb_ctrl.c for NWK_MGR_CMD_ID_T__NWK_MANAGE_PERIODIC_MTO_ROUTE_REQ and nwk_manage_periodic_mto_route_req__descriptor.  You can also refer to ZGlobals.h and nwk_globals.h for other routing definitions including MTO/concentrator.  Do you have a sniffer log which demonstrates the communication issues?


  • Hello Ryan

    I do not have a sniffer log - the problem is observed in situ.

    When I went through the source code - including the files you mention, I dould not find:

    - How the paremeters were defined in a configuration file - by configuration file I expected one of the "ini" files used by the gateway.

    - What the durection between automatic network route discoveries is - the default value seems to be 60 but only for CC2538/CC2652/CC1352 ZNP images  ( CONCENTRATOR_DISCOVERY_TIME  in 3.0 gateway documentation Firmware/  It's not clear if that is is seconds or minutes (without digging into the code).

  • Hey Mario,

    • This parameter is not configurable by the ini files, which is why you would need to either modify the ZNP project or use the Gateway API
    • The time is in seconds, not minutes.

    I would expect that even for the maximum value of discovery time, it would still be less than minutes before MTO routing is initiated to discover routes.  There is an explanation of some critical MTO definitions in SWRA650.