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CC2652P: data request may be sent abnormally

Part Number: CC2652P
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SIMPLELINK-CC13XX-CC26XX-SDK, Z-STACK


sdk: simplelink_cc13x2_26x2_sdk_5_10_00_48


When the devices communicate, there is a probability that the data request will stop sending, and the enddevice will not trigger the lost parent callback, as shown in the figure below.

Before line 5560, the data request of the device is normal. After line 5560, the packet catcher does not catch the data request.

Our application layer controls the poll rate in the following ways.

        case FAST_POLL:
            if(currentPollRateType != POLL_RATE_TYPE_APP_1)
            nwk_SetCurrentPollRateType(0xFFFF, FALSE);
            nwk_SetCurrentPollRateType(POLL_RATE_TYPE_APP_1, TRUE);
        case LONG_POLL:
            if(currentPollRateType != POLL_RATE_TYPE_DEFAULT)
             nwk_SetCurrentPollRateType(0xFFFF, FALSE);
             nwk_SetCurrentPollRateType(POLL_RATE_TYPE_DEFAULT, TRUE);
Could you please see if there is any problem?
  • Do you mean your device doesn't send any data request after time passes longer than long polling period?

  • Yes, calling the data sending interface Zstackapi_AfDataReq also fails to send data. Zstackapi_AfDataReq returns 0

  • Do you have sniffer log for this issue? By the way, are you sure your device is still alive when you see this issue?

  • Hi liu,

    It appears that Alex Zhang has already posted on your behalf: 

    Here is my commentary from that thread: 

    Is this issue capable of being easily recreated on the latest SDK (i.e. SIMPLELINK-CC13XX-CC26XX-SDK v7.10) with an example project?  How long does the application operate before this problem is observed?  What is the poll rate of the ZED?  It appears to be quite fast based on the timestamps available from the screenshot.  Can the sniffer log file be provided?  Based on the description, it would appear that the ZED has crashed which could indicate a memory leak or overflow.  I'm not certain that this similar behavior could be replicated when using the updated method and the newest software resources.  Here is an example from zcl_samplesw.c:

            // set poll rate to POLL_RATE after joining
            zstack_sysConfigWriteReq_t writeReq = { 0 };
            // Set the new poll rates
            writeReq.has_pollRate = true;
            writeReq.pollRate = POLL_RATE;
            writeReq.pollRateType = POLL_RATE_TYPE_DEFAULT;
            Zstackapi_sysConfigWriteReq(appServiceTaskId, &writeReq);
            // disable response and queued poll rates
            writeReq.pollRate = POLL_RATE_MAX;
            writeReq.pollRateType = POLL_RATE_TYPE_QUEUED;
            Zstackapi_sysConfigWriteReq(appServiceTaskId, &writeReq);
            writeReq.pollRateType = POLL_RATE_TYPE_RESPONSE;
            Zstackapi_sysConfigWriteReq(appServiceTaskId, &writeReq);

    Please be aware that a Zstackapi_AfDataReq return of zero is zstack_ZStatusValues_ZSuccess.  Are you saying that the packet is never transmitted over-the-air although the command returns successfully?


  • 1.the fast poll rate is 250ms,the long poll rate is 6s

    2.Calling Zstackapi_sysConfigWriteReq does not make the correctly configured poll rate work immediately,Because the pollRateType argument in nwk_SetCurrentPollRateType(0,TRUE) is 0, not pPtr->pReq->pollRateType

    3.Attached is the packet capture file,panid:0x6aa7,enddevice short address:0x335e,network key:B8:67:08:61:00:13:0F:33:02:78:4B:00:13:3D:30:B8


    4.Please be aware that a Zstackapi_AfDataReq return of zero is zstack_ZStatusValues_ZSuccess.  Are you saying that the packet is never transmitted over-the-air although the command returns successfully?


  • nwk_SetConfigPollRate configures the poll rate per type, nwk_SetCurrentPollRateType forces the quickest poll rate enabled to be applied.  Since Zstackapi_AfDataReq returns successfully the packet must have made it to the MAC queue but could have been blocked by the CMSA/CA function or MAC buffer issue.


  • 1.void nwk_SetCurrentPollRateType(uint16_t pollRateType, uint8_t Enable);

    If I want to set the current poll rate, should pollRateType be set to POLL_RATE_TYPE_DEFAULT or POLL_RATE_TYPE_APP_1 or something like that.

    pollRateType is 0, we didn't find the corresponding pollrate type.

    2.When the data request stopped sending, it could not be recovered, the device could only be restarted, and the callback of the lost parent was not triggered.Also the device will not be able to trigger the rejoin process.

  • Although not described in the best manner, nwk_SetCurrentPollRateType(uint16_t should refresh the active poll rate for a pollRateTypr of zero in the latest v7.10 SDK. I cannot confirm v5.10 behavior, but there could exist bugs which have been resolved in the SDK since then.

    Try to lower the fast poll rate to determine whether this resolves the issue, and consider adding a watchdog timer to try and soft reset the device after it freezes. You could also perform further debugging of a faulty firmware.

    Regards, Ryan

  • Could you please provide all release note from 5.10 to 7.10? In the latest sdk, I can only find the release note of the current version, but not the historical version

  • Start from the SIMPLELINK-LOWPOWER-F2-SDK download page, then go to "Release Notes" -> "Document Overview" -> "TI Z-Stack Release Notes" for each interim SDK.  These documents are not a comprehensive account of all changes which have been applied to the Zigbee stack.