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CC2530: Unable to disable polling

Part Number: CC2530
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Hi guys,

could you please help me to understand the very strange behavior of my end device running Z-STACK 3.0.2?

I would like the end device to be sleepy. So I wanted to disable the auto polling.

But my problem is following:

- when I remove NWK_AUTO_POLL directive, it has NO effect, the device is still polling coordinator

- when I define POLL_RATE=0 in the preprocessor settings, it also have no effect, the rate is still taken from f8wConfig.cfg

- when I adapt the setting in f8wConfig.cfg and set there -DPOLL_RATE=0, the device is no longer able to join, it seems that polling is completely disabled, even during the join procedure

So.. my main question is:

- how should I disable auto polling so that joining keeps working?

- why the POLL_RATE defined in preprocessor settings is overridden by f8wConfig.cfg

- why setting of -DPOLL_RATE=0 in the config disables polling completely, also during join/rejoin etc...

What is the correct approach? When I used Z-STACK 1.2 I think it was only necessary to disable NWK_AUTO_POLL  and that was all.. In 3.0.2 it does not seem to be that easy Disappointed

Thanks a lot!

  • Hi Peter,

    I believe you will be able to re-use the investigation from  in this E2E thread.   Please try it out and let us know if you are able to successfully configure your device as needed.


  • Hi Ryan,

    thanks for the reply and tip.. yes I can do the same approach in my application.. let the polling interval set in config and then stop the polling from the app after some delay after joining.. But still it seems to me more like a hack than a real solution.. Additionally it is also strange that there has to be this magic 5 second delay after SUCCESS event.. because when I tried to stop polling immediately after  BDB_COMMISSIONING_SUCCESS, the interview was not finished correctly.. Is it a bug that setting of POLL_RATE to 0 basically disables all the polling even the polling during the join process? And also NWK_AUTO_POLL  does not seem to be valid for Z-stack 3.0.2 am I right? I would just like to understand it a little bit more.. Thanks a lot!

  • Five seconds is arbitrary based on commissioning success, for the TCLK update and initial NWK/ZDO messages (ex. End Device Timeout, Node Descriptor, and Active Endpoints Requests).  NWK_AUTO_POLL and POWER_SAVING should be defined in the pre-defined symbols for low-power operation.  There are known issues and fixes in Z-Stack 3.0.2, but updates were discontinued in 2018 to focus on further development of the SimpleLink SDK.  You can follow the process provided in the relevant E2E thread or try to increase the POLL_RATE to a large value which would hardly be noticeable concerning power consumption.