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CC2652P: Trying to understand responses to SYS_SET_TIME and SYS_GET_TIME

Part Number: CC2652P
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: Z-STACK

Trying some (hopefully) simple commands against my ZB device via golang.

Sending this:  254 11 33 16 0 0 0 0 12 55 44 5 14 20 24    (uint8)

(SYS_SET_TIME) FE 0B 21 10 00 00 00 00 0d 32 37 05 0e 14 18

which should be zeros for seconds-since-2000 followed by 01 50 55 05 14 20 24 (H min S M D YY)

I get a response of FE036000022110500 instead of the 01 61 10 (status) Im expecting. 

Sending this: 254 00 33 17 (uint8)

(SYS_GET_TIME) FE 00 21 11 

I get a response of FE0360000221115100  instead of 0B 61 11 <time>

Im not able to find these error codes in the docs I have - here 

(Note - in both cases the appropriate XOR value is appended to the sent values)

  • Hi jon,

    The ZNP project build would have to pre-define FEATURE_UTC_TIME which is not enabled by default in the Z-Stack SDK examples.  Thus the return of  FE036000 (MT_RPC_CMD_SRSP is 0x60 and MT_RPC_SYS_RES0 is 0x00) indicates a MT_RPC_ERR_COMMAND_ID/MT_RPC_ERR_SUBSYSTEM occurred for both commands.


  • Is there a list of what commands _are_ available? Do I need to install new firmware? Im hoping to find a replacement for an silabs dongle that isn't made anymore.


    Just saw this. So SYS_SET_TIME isn't implemented.. ok.. NBD. I need to (at a minimum) be able to create/delete a pan, add sensors, get data. 

  • The list of commands available are dependent on what has been enabled in the ZNP firmware.  The default MT_* definitions are configured in znp_cnf.opts of the ZNP project build.  If you did not build the ZNP from the SimpleLink CC13XX / CC26XX SDK then you will need to speak with whoever provided you with the firmware image.


    I've extracted definitions from the ZNP project but MT_RPC_ERR_COMMAND_ID/MT_RPC_ERR_SUBSYSTEM are not sent back to the user and thus not documented, only SYS_SET_TIME Cmd0 (0x21) & Cmd1 (0x10) are returned in the SRSP packet.  You will need MT_AF_CB_FUNC also defined if you want to receive application data such as sensor data, so please keep this in mind if your host is not reflecting reception of messages transmitted over-the-air.