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6LoWPAN and CC2431

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Is it possible to implement 6LoWPAN on CC2431??

If it is, can I get some information?

And using z-stack is possible to use 6LoWPAN??

  • I suppose it's possible to implement 6LoWPAN on the CC2431, have a look at:

    Z-Stack uses ZigBee-Pro, therefore it does not run on 6LoWPAN.

  • Hi,

    6LoWPAN is a network layer. Z-Stack (which is ZigBee Pro) as we know it today does not support 6LoWPAN as xyzzy points out. However the new ZigBee IP standard will use 6LoWPAN as network layer, supporting both TCP and UDP. This is not yet available.

    TI third party Sensinode is one of the world leaders in 6LoWPAN stacks, and has solutions both for 2.4GHz and sub-1GHz. Please contact Sensinode directly to see if they can support the CC2431 radio.

    There are also several open source initiatives such as the Contiki OS ( and OpenWSN (


  • Hi,

    Thank you for kindly reply~! It's was good information!

    Maybe I'm going to try to implement with Contaki which you guys mentioned.

    I'll visit here when I faced with trouble.

    Have a nice day~!

  • yeah and btw, if you are interested in running 6LoWPAN on a CC2530 have a look here:

  • Hi,


    I'm just curious the reason why it doesn't work on 6LoWPAN with ZigBee-Pro.

    I think....  ZigBee-Pro doesn't use fixed address so it can't run?


  • Hi,

    6LoWPAN are commonly used in the same sense and meaning as ZigBee, however they are not comparable at all in a standards perspective. ZigBee is a complete networking solution with an Alliance providing interoperability tests etc. 6LoWPAN is an open network layer developed by IETF ( It is used to enable IPv6 connectivity on (most commonly, but not tied to) IEEE802.15.4 MAC/PHY radios.

    ZigBee-Pro is using the ZigBee networking layer, which is developed by the ZigBee Alliance. ZigBee IP (or other 6LoWPAN solutions) are using 6LoWPAN as networking layer. They are fundamentally different in many aspects and are not interoperable. E.g. the routing protocol used in most 6LoWPAN implementations are RPL ("Ripple") which is a source routing protcol, while ZigBee is using a 'standard' routing protocol (where routers use a routing table to provide a route).