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CCS/CC1352P: Recharge is a bit high when measuring with EnergyTrace tool

Part Number: CC1352P
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: ENERGYTRACE,

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I'm trying to test the recharge current . I just used a very simple code and tested with  both IMETER-BOOST and  Enerytrace.  IMETER-BOOST showed a about 6mA peak current and 700ms interval, but Energytrace showed a 12mA peak current and the same interval.  please see below capture.  please kindly suggest what went wrong?

Only two jumps keep when using EnergyTrace:

  • Hi,

    EDIT: The expected peak value for the recharge pulses is between 6 and 12mA.

    Can you try to put back the jumper on the RX pin? In fact, in the SDK, the UART driver configures the UART RX pin without internal pull-up (and this can lead to some leakage). You can have a look to the following application note (especially the chapter dealing with EnergyTrace) for details:

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  • Clément,

    I tried to keep the  jump of UART RX , but the result is same. I don't exactly know what is the right peak current of recharge.  I just don't understand why EnergyTrace showed a almost 12mA peak current, but the current value of sensor controller seems like right.

    You can get my test code from below link. Can you please help to verify it on a CC1352P Launchpad

    SDK version is  simplelink_cc13x2_26x2_sdk_3_20_00_68

    CCS version is 

  • Hi,

    First of all, I have made a typo in my previous message: I have edited it. Apologies.

    The differences between the results you get using EnergyTrace and IMETER-BOOST might be due to differences in the settings. I am mainly thinking to the voltage supply. In addition, if I understand correctly, you set the sampling rate of IMETER-BOOST to 7140 samples per second (1 sample every 140 μs) while each recharge pulse lasts around 200-300 μs. I imagine this might cause a kind of averaging (and lowers the results).

    I have not specifically tested your code but I have run some tests using the pinInterrupt example (SDK I have perform current measurements using EnergyTrace and a power analyzer. Both gave me close results. Depending on the power supply, I got a max current between 7mA and 11mA (for a power supply of 3.0V, I have the max current around 9.5-10.5mA).

    To finish, have you try to compare the results given by the two methods for the energy consumed? Over a long interval the results will probably be closer. I assume this value is more important than the current peak of the recharge pulses :)

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