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Compiler/CC2630: CC2630 transparent transmission problem

Part Number: CC2630
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: Z-STACK, SIMPLELINK-CC13X2-26X2-SDK, LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1, CC2652R, Z-STACK-ARCHIVE

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler

Hello, I would like to consult a software development question about CC2630.
I have no Zigbee related development experience before. This time I want to implement a transparent transmission function, which is to use CC2630 for forwarding and transferring.
Other MCU are connected to CC2630 through UART. CC2630 receives data from UART and forwards it wirelessly, receives wireless information directly to other MCU through UART.
Which example or document should I refer to for rapid code development? I only need CC2630 as the EndDevice, thank you.

  • Hello,

    If you insist on using the CC2630 for your design then the only Zigbee Stack available for evaluation is Z-Stack HA 1.2.2a as found on the Z-STACK-ARCHIVE page.  However, this solution is deprecated by several years and not recommended for new designs.  Instead I suggest that you look into the SIMPLELINK-CC13X2-26X2-SDK devices, like the CC2652R onboard the LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1, which includes a Zigbee 3.0 R22 stack and quarterly software updates for bug fixes and new features.


  • Thank you for your answer, but because the temporary plan has been decided, I must use CC2630.
    Can you tell me the specific difference between ZAP and ZNP? Is the combination of ZAP and ZNP a complete solution? Compared with HomeAutomation, which example is better for me to modify?

  • ZNP stands for Zigbee network processor which runs Zigbee Stack on CC2630 and it needs ZAP which stands for Zigbee application processor (another host mcu) to do application related coding. Combination of ZAP and ZNP can be a complete solution. For now, TI only provide Ztool to act as ZAP and you can use CC2630 as ZNP to test it. You can refer to for using Ztool to setup Zigbee HA profile network.

  • Thank you for your answer.

    So it can be understood that the ZNP example does not implement the complete zigbee function? Can't I just use ZNP and do UART transparent transmission function? I just want to use it for wireless transmission.

  • Yes, ZNP is not complete in Zigbee function. You need some application code in your host before you can do UART transparent transmission function.