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CC2650EM-7ID-RD: CC2650 stop sending data packet even after reset

Part Number: CC2650EM-7ID-RD
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC2538, CC2650


I've  Zigbee end devices ( CC2650) developed  based on Z Stack 1.2.2HA  which communicate with coordinator CC2538 .

I captured the packet between the end device and the coordinator when suddenly the end device stopped sending data packet to the coordinator.

In the Ubiqua log, i could capture  Data Request packet and the Data packet (in the log attached is the temperature measurement packet) .

However, when the  end device stopped sending Data packet only the Data Request packet could be captured. 

I tried to reset the end device but it still doesn't send  the  Data packet. 

I referred the Zigbee known issues and fixes thread on Zigbee not rejoin after reset but since the end device still sending data request packet so I concluded it's actually joined the network .

What actually causes this problem and is there any solution for this problem . Below I attached the Ubiqua log during the problem occurred . 

Any help would be appreciated .

Thanks a lot.

Ubiqua packet log .csv

  • Hi,

    Can you please provide the Ubiqua .cubx file instead of the .csv?  Are you using the default SampleTemperatureSensor example?  Are you able to debug your CC2650 to determine where the application code is stuck?


  • Hi Ryan

    Sorry for the late reply ,

    here I attach the original log file . 

    The application actually working fine at first but the problem occurred after several days running . 

    I'll inform you the details regarding the code  later. 

    Ubiqua packet 

  • Thank you for the sniffer log, from it I can gather that the CC2538 ZC has become unresponsive which causes the ZEDs to orphan and send multiple Beacon Requests.  Please further debug your coordinator and provide more details regarding its setup and operation.  Try resetting it to determine whether it can recover the network and apply the Known Issues and Fixes


  • thank you for your explanation. 

    Actually I've a question , so even though the end device is still sending data request it's still considered as orphan ? 

  • Only Beacon Requests are sent, Data Requests are not used since (as orphans) there is no parent to request data from.


  • I think you're explaining about the ZED status at the end of the log . 

    Actually I want to ask about the status during the first half of the log , 

    In case of ZED with MAC ID 0xB9BE , this end device only send data request packet without transmitting the temperature packet . It used to send the temperature packet normally .

    I used the same application code in all end devices but only that end device turned that way.

    This also happened in different test environment where 1 out of 3 end device will turn that way .

  • I have no information from the sniffer log to determine what happened to 0xB9BE since it only sends Data Requests.  Are you able to provide a sniffer log (with comments) capturing when the device first fails to operate as expected?  Can you debug the device state and zcl_SendReportCmd -> zcl_SendCommand -> AF_DataRequest return status?


  • Unfortunately I don't have the log file during the failure happened .

    I haven't debug the device state but the AF_DataRequest returned success . 

    I'll further debug the device .