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Debugger DevPack prevents SensorTag from running?

I purchased the Debugger DevPack in hopes that I could use it for both debugging and as a convenient way to prototype additional hardware connected to the SensorTag using the unpopulated pcb header included on the Debugger DevPack PCB.

I want the Sensortag to work when there is no USB connection to the Debuger DevPack.
It is working as a debugger, but unfortunately when I unplug the USB cable, the SensorTag does not run.

Is it held in reset or something?  Is there a way around this? (hardware modification?)

If not, is there a blank prototyping DevPack with just a breakout connection to IO pins and some proto-board space?

  • This should work fine. Can you verify that the device is powered correctly?

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  • In reply to Tim C:

    The SensorTag is running fine when the Debugger DevPack is not attached. As soon as I attach it (without USB connected) it stops. No LEDs are lit and no bluetooth advertising.

    FYI: I bought 5 sets of these from Arrow. I have verified the same behavior on two.

    The sticker on DebuggerDevPack says Rev.:1.2.0 1520

    The sticker on SensorTag says BLE Rev.: 1.1.3 1516

  • In reply to Paul Abbott:

    Hi Paul,
    I am having a sensorTag runing with the Debug devpack attached. (I did not touch the battery)
    - try the Debug DevPack reset button
    - try to detach it then re attach it
    - try to switch the SensorTag off and on - side buttons (stops and starts advertising) ?
    I flashed the SensorTag with usb, it was running still attached, I detached the USB, it was not running anymore as you describe, reset didn't seem to help, I removed the debug devPack, switch off and on the sensor, it was running, reattach the debug devpack, then, not sure if I had to push the reset switch of the debug -(small black point on yellow circle).


    Edit : as mentioned in later post, this worked but not reproducible, I don't know what is influencing this.

    Hope this helps.

  • In reply to Wassim Filali:

    Hi Wassim,

    I face similar problem, my case as below:
    1. SensorTag attach with devpack and usb, SensorTag is running.
    2. After detach devpack, SensorTag is not running.
    3. I tried to remove battery and put it back, still same.

    I notice you mentioned switch off and on the sensor. Can you elaborate what you means by that? Basically I want the SensorTag running with devpack attached.

  • In reply to tkCheng:

    Hi Paul,
    by switch off and on the sensor I referred to the side button. There are two side buttons, one as a simple switch sensor, the other one starts and stops advertising (with led blinking).
    But I admit, I repeated the same test I described for you earlier and it didn't work, so I conclude that the behavior is inconsistent.
    I retried at least 3 more times and none worked, so there must have been another random parameter (floating pin or something).
    If I was you, and if it is really important to keep it working with and without the USB debugger, I would look for the J4 FIDU3 connector, maybe pulling up some pins would solve this.
  • In reply to tkCheng:

    Finally found the reason, the battery has actually drain out. Changing a new one fix it.
    Anyway thanks to Wassim, your descriptions had led to me to right way.
  • In reply to tkCheng:

    Sorry Cheng, yes not Paul,
    in your case, it was the battery then.
    But for Paul, and his case of using the Tag without USB attached and with Debug devPack attached, the battery does not help, I tried with a new one.
    The only time when it worked, it was while moving the debug board, and both green and red led were blinking, it might have worked due to a bad connection while moving it.
  • In reply to Wassim Filali:

    Looks like I'm out-of-luck. Thanks for confirming.

    Is there another devpack available which would allow me to prototype a circuit?

    For now, Im planning to use the CC2650EM-7ID board with the SOC-BB. Much more expensive, but I'm on a deadline. Can someone confirm if these two boards are compatible?
  • In reply to Paul Abbott:

    The SOC-BB board is made for earlier CC radios, not the CC26xx. However it will give you access to several of the DIOs, but there will also be several DIO and other signals that will be GND that you do not want connected to GND. For instant the JTAG_TMS is conncected to GND, JTAG_TCK, TDI and TDO are not connected to anything on the SOC-BB so it is not a straight forward solution. How will you program your CC2650 on the EMK without a SmartRF06EB board?

    Back to your original set-up with the debugger devpack, why can you not connect it to the USB? It is not designed to be used without USB power, so if not connected to the USB, you need to make sure to set the CC2650 pins that are connected to the TIVA so that you do not power this from the IO pins.  


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  • In reply to CHS:

    This is the feedback I got from the SensorTag team, the info will be added to the Debugger DevPack wiki page.
    "It is not recommended to use the Debug DevPack without the USB power atteched due to the risk of powering the Debugger from the coin cell battery on the SensorTag. The SensorTag battery voltage will be disconnected from the Debug DevPack power supply but there is a risk that the I/O lines from the CC2650 will power the MCU on the debugger. The following I/O DevPack signals are connected to the MCU on the DevPack

    Pin number Name
    10 DP5/UART_TX
    12 DP4/UART_RX
    15 DP8/SCLK/TDI"


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