WARNING DevPack Debugger IS NOT XDS100v3. It is XDS110!

I am new to using TI BLE products. I was using CSR's products before and I thought I would give TI a try.

The documentation / software tools for the SensorTag 2.0 & the DevPack Debugger are spread out all over the TI website. It takes a new user quite a bit of time to figure out which document to read first and what software is needed for development. When you purchase the DevPack Debugger you get one slip of paper that shows a picture of how to connect the debugger to the SensorTag. There is no reference to selecting the XDS110 in CCS which is very important.

Anyway, when you load CCSv6.1 the default debug tool comes up at XDS100v3. I read somewhere that the DevPack Debugger was also called XDS100v3. I tried to debug the SensorTag with CCSv6.1 and kept getting errors that I could not connect.

I hope this is helpful to other users like myself.

Make sure you select XDS110 for the debugger for both the stack project AND the application project. Notice I said XDS110 NOT XDS100v3.

NOTE TO TI: Please reference XDS110 in the web page and other documentation for the DevPack Debugger. I do not see this referenced anywhere. See page for example: www.ti.com/.../cc-devpack-debug;tisearch=Search-EN-Everything

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    Thank you for the feedback and I apologize for the confusion. I will pass this info to our web marketing team so that it's more clear. Since the Devpack Debugger was released after the CC2640 / BLE-Stack V2.0, it was unfortunately not included in the documentation. The next update to the BLE-Stack will make this more clear.

    We do have a wiki entry on how to setup the XDS110 / DevPack Debugger: processors.wiki.ti.com/.../CC13xx_CC26xx_Tools_Overview
    You will always have to make the debugger selection in the IDE as the XDS110 & XDS100v3 are different debuggers. The XDS100v3 is the debugger on the SmartRF06EB.

    Best wishes

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