Chronos Black Friday Deal!

You may have even seen it as 1 of 10 Cool Connected Watches in Forbes! You might have even checked out some of the coolest applications it has inspired. It is back by popular demand and is the eZ430-Chonos, a wireless development tool in a watch! 

In recognition of the Black Friday shopping sales, we will be selling the Chronos for only $29.99 + free shipping on the TI eStore all week! There will only be a limited number available each day, but this deal will be live for 10 days! So if you try one of the coupon codes below and it isn't working, remember to check back on the following morning.


eZ430-Chronos Options Available
Part Number eZ430-Chronos-868 eZ430-Chronos-915
RF Operating Frequency 868 MHz 915 MHz
Acceptable Operating Region Europe and India N. & S. America
Ordering Options Buy Now Buy Now
Coupon Codes 868_BF 915_BF


Get your Chronos today and let us know what you create by posting online and sharing the links on Twitter. As usual, we will track all the projects with the #MSP430 hashtag. If you need support or want to see some additional projects, checkout the E2E MSP430 forum as well as the E2E MSP430 Microcontroller Projects.