MSP430 Launchpad ControlWare v1.0


The main aim of the project was to create a Simple, Easy to control Graphic User Interface (GUI) to control various pins on MSP430 Launchpad (MSP430g2553 uC). The GUI for this purpose was created using Visual C# and can be used on any Windows based PC/Laptop.

                                        Fig: Graphic User Interface (GUI) of the Project


  • The GUI allows the user to test and develop hardware without having to write any code for the device.
  • Pins configured GPIO can be turned "LOW" or "HIGH".
  • The present version of the GUI enables real time data acquisition and plotting. The data obtained from the pins configured as "ADC" can also be stored in an Excel Sheet. Data from Internal Temperature Sensor of the uC can be obtained and plotted as well.
  • The GUI enables the user to Generate three independent PWM Signals and vary the Duty Cycle.


You need to upload a code to the MSP430g2553 microcontroller for working with the GUI. The code and the application GUI can be downloaded from the link below:

Extract the contents of the download file and load the MSP430_ControlWare project in Code Composer Studio and upload the code to the MSP430 Launchpad (MSP430g2553 uC). You can also view the video for the demonstration of the GUI. The link is embedded in this post.

How to Upload Code to the MSP430 Launchpad?

Open CCS and Click on the Projects Option at the Top and Select the Import Existing CCS Eclipse Project option. Enter the directory location where you have extracted the download files and Click Finish. Select the Project in the Project Explorer and Click on the Debug Option.

Note: Incase you find that the GUI is not working, please install .NET Framework 4.0 from here: LINK . You will also need to download Microsoft Visual Basic Power Packs: LINK 

For any queries and suggestions, feel free to drop me a mail.