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[FAQ] TLV320AIC3109-Q1: Power Supply Sequencing

Part Number: TLV320AIC3109-Q1


I am looking through the data sheet of the TLV320AIC3109-Q1 and found the recommend power supply sequencing. Does this need to be followed? What could happen if it is not followed?


  • Hi,

    The TLV320AIC310x family of CODECs are very tolerant of power supply sequencing but there are rare cases where the device may exhibit unexpected or unwanted behavior. Following the recommend sequence referenced in the data sheet provides the most robust operation of the device. 

    The sequence above shows a minimum time of 0ms for t1, t2 and t3. This is because powering up all of the supplies at the same time is ideal and recommended.

    Condition 1: Delay from AVDD/DRVDD to DVDD:

    When there is a delay between when AVDD/DRVDD powers and DVDD powers, this can cause up to a few mA of leakage current on the analog supplies (AVDD/DRVDD). This is why there is a 5ms maximum time limit from AVDD/DRVDD to DVDD (t2). The state of leakage current on the analog supplies will only last until DVDD is powered on and the CODEC will resume to its intended operation.


    Condition 2: Delay from DVDD to AVDD/DRVDD:

    On the other hand, if the digital supplies (IOVDD and DVDD) are powered on before the analog supplies, then the AVDD may get back powered through DVDD. If this happens, other components in the system that are supplied off the same source as AVDD will be powered through the CODEC connections.  If the current need is high enough from the other components in the system, then this may cause a reliability issue with the CODEC. Once the analog supplies are applied to the CODEC the device will resume to normal operation.