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partial power down Ioff

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I am a little confused on partial power down Ioff. Is that the current which the part will use when there is no VCC (i.e. it will pull this small amount of current from the input/output pin when there is no VCC)? Or is that the maximum amount of current you can have at one of the pins when the is no VCC?

I am using a SN74LVC1G07 for a simple "power detect" circuit.  I tie 'A" to ground and pullup "Y" to 3.3V via 100k. Vcc is connected to a power node that is almost always off but sometimes will be turned on. This way the part is usually NOT powered on, and when power is applied the output gets pulled low. 

So will I be using Ioff (up to 10uA) when there is no power on VCC but "Y' is pulled up to 3.3?

  • Hello,

    The Ioff feature is for isolating the device when Vcc = 0. The 10 mA is the maximum amount of current the device will input/output while Vcc is 0V.

    The official definition:  

    Ioff - The maximum leakage current into an input or output terminal of the device, with the specified voltage applied to the terminal and VCC = 0 V.The Ioff protection circuitry ensures that no excessive current is drawn from or to an input, output, or combined I/O that is biased to a specified voltage while the device is powered down.

    Correct, you should have no issue with your application.


    Robert Regojo.