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Use Cases & Part

Monostable Multivibrators

Voltage Translators

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Simulation Models

Single-Page Use-Case Application Note Video of Use-Case
Improve Signal Integrity / Increase Drive Strength
1. How do I drive indicator LEDs? (video) Controlling an Indicator LED
2. How do I debounce a switch? (video) Debounce a Switch
3. How do I clean a noisy signal? (video) Eliminate Slow or Noisy Input Signals
4. How do I redrive a digital signal for improved signal integrity?
5. How do I drive a transmission line with good signal integrity
Reducing or Increasing I/O Pins / Combining Signals
6. How do I increase the number of inputs on a microcontroller? (video) Increase the Number of Inputs on an MCU
7. How do I increase the number of outputs on a microcontroller? (video) Increase the Number of Outputs on an MCU
8. How do I reduce the number of inputs required to monitor error signals? (video) Use Fewer Inputs to Monitor Error Signals
9. How do I combine power good signals to hold a controller in reset? (video) Combining Power Good Signals
System Power-On, Reset, Polling
10. How do I catch a digital pulse? (video) Design an Alarm/Tamper Circuit with an S-R Latch
11. How do I reset a system for a short time? (video) Generate a timed reset pulse
12. How do I detect and reset an unresponsive controller?
13. How do I reset my system after power on? (video) Generate a Reset Signal at System Power On
14. How do I hold a signal in its previous state during controller reset? (video)
Digital Signal Management / Digital Switches 
15. How do I enable or disable a digital signal? (video)
16. How do I generate a signal that can be toggled with a button? (video) Convert a Momentary Switch to a Toggle Switch
17. How do I synchronize devices that have inverted clock inputs? (video)
18. How do I detect phase differences between input signals? (video)
19. How do I generate a clock signal from a crystal oscillator?
20. How do I generate a timed pulse signal?
Reconciling Voltage Level Mismatch / Voltage Translation
21. How do I shift voltage domains or level shift for SPI interfaces?
22. ... UART interfaces? (video) Voltage Level Translation for UART Interface
23. ... GPIO pins?
24. ... SDIO interfaces?
25. ... SIM Card interfaces?
26. ... MDIO interfaces?
27. ... RGMII interfaces?
28. How do I shift voltage domains using an open-drain driver? (video)