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[FAQ] [H] Output Parameters

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  1. [FAQ] With Open-Drain outputs, can I ...use them to shift a logic voltage level? ...connect the outputs directly together? ...force a voltage node to zero?
  2. [FAQ] What should be done with unused I/O pins of the level translator devices?
  3. [FAQ] How do I determine the output voltage (VOH, VOL) or output current (IOH, IOL) of a CMOS logic device?
  4. [FAQ] What is the maximum trace length that a logic device can drive?
  5. [FAQ] What happens when I connect a logic device's output to a 50 ohm transmission line?
  6. [FAQ] Can I connect two outputs from a CMOS logic device together directly?
  7. [FAQ] How do I size pull-up or pull-down resistors?
  8. [FAQ] What is the output voltage (VOH or VOL) when the output current is X or the supply voltage is Y?
  9. [FAQ] How do I terminate any unused channels of a logic device?
  10. [FAQ] What is the default output of a latched device? (Flip-Flop, latch, register)
  11. [FAQ] What is the maximum capacitive load that a logic device can drive?
  12. [FAQ] What is the output transition rate for a logic device?
  13. [FAQ] What is the TXS device internal resistor variation/ tolerance
  14. [FAQ] Can you pull-up an open-drain output to a higher voltage than the device's supply (VCC) voltage?
  15. [FAQ] What is a floating input or floating node?
  16. [FAQ] What's the difference between logic output types (push-pull, open-drain, 3-state)?
  17. [FAQ] What method is best used for estimating specification values between those given in the datasheet?
  18. [FAQ] What are the performance specifications of the HCS logic family at 3.3V operation?