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HALCOGEN: not generating code for CAN4 mailboxes > 32 in HALCoGen 04.07.01

Part Number: HALCOGEN

We ran into an issue that HALCoGen is not generating code for the message boxes > 32 for CAN4. This occurs in HALCoGen 04.07.01 for the TMS570LC4357ZWT.

In our setup we have enabled all 64 message boxes on CAN4. After investigation, we have found out, that the code for the message boxes above 32 is not generated even though HALCoGen shows them as enabled. This results in the HAL driver not receiving anything on those message boxes silently. We have been able to enable those message boxes by setting manually "CAN_4_MESSAGE_i_BOOL_ENA" (with i being the message box number) in the dil file.

If necessary, we can provide a HALCoGen configuration that shows this issue, but this should be easily reproduceable with a standard HALCoGen configuration.

After more investigation, we have found this forum post:
It seems to be the case, that this issue still persists. I was not able to find an issue in the TI bugtracker for this, but checking the files that we have in our HALCoGen installation on disk (CAN4v000.xml:144) shows that the mentioned function still only goes to 32.

Could you please confirm that this issue still persists (in order to make sure that we did not miss anything in our setup)? If yes, I am a bit confused that this does not seem to be mentioned as a known issue in the release notes of HALCoGen. As far as we see the only measures that can be taken are modifying the contents of HALCoGen on disk as described in the linked thread or manually editiong the dil file. Is this correct? Can you propose a self-check that could be implemented in order to quickly verify that the CAN message boxes have been configured correctly?

Thank you very much!
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  • I am able to produce the problem. This known bug is not fixed in 4.07.01. 

    Changing *.dil doesn't fix the problem. Generating code of HalCOGen will save dil file first, so the CAN_4_MESSAGE_i_BOOL_ENA will be reset to 0.

    Changing CAN4v000.xml (line 144) will fix the problem. 

  • Thank you very much for the feedback!

    We call HALCoGen on the commandline for generating the HAL, and it that case it seems to not be editing the DIL file. Nevertheless, this is good input as editing the project with HALCoGen will definitely remove these changes.

    Is there a documentation for this workaround somewhere apart from this forum post? I couldn't find one and would prefer to refer to a list of known issues or similar for our internal documentation.

    Is there a schedule for releasing a fix for this bug?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Patrick,

    We will update the release note in 3Q this year.