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CCS5.1 issue with MSP430 4xxx

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430F4784, MSP430F5438, MSP430BT5190, MSP430F4793, MSP-TS430PZ100, MSP430FW428, MSP430FW429, MSP430F4783, MSP430F4794, MSP430F5438A, MSP-FET430UIF, MSP430G2153, MSP430F5528, CC430F6137


I have a problem with MSP430F4784 but only when using CCS5.1 (works well with CCS4.2).

The error what I get: MSP430: Error connecting to the target: Unknown device

What I already checked:

- the same project and the same board with CCS4 - it does works well (tried more times switching between CCS versions). 

- does not works with CCS5 (FETUIF firmware upgraded automatically by the latest CCS5.1 as described at

- tried another MCU (MSP430AFE253 in a TI devboard - MSP-TS430PW24) - works in both JTAG and SBW mode on both CCS4 and 5.1 

My board has the same setup as the TS430PW24 except the TEST/VPP pin on the JTAG 8 which is not connected since there is no such pin on the F4784. Same drawing is present in the SLAU278f.pdf on page 25 where it does confirms the missing TEST pin on some MSP variants.

Since CCS5.1 & FET-UIF is working with 2xx MCU I would like to know if anyone experienced such thing with 4xx/5xx MSP's?



  • Hi

    I am also having same problem in new IAR 5.40.2 and CCS5.1. 

    I am using MSP430F5438 based TI development board and MSP430BT5190 based TI development board for my product development.

    IAR 5.30.3 and CCS4.2 are working in both development boards, but new IAR 5.40.2 and CCS 5.1 are working only in MSP430F5438 board and I am getting same error message " MSP430: Error connecting to the target: Unknown device" if i try to use MSP430BT5190 board.

    Please let me know if anyone has a idea to solve this issues.





  • I have the same problem attempting to upgrade to CCS5 from CCS4. But after I do, CCS5 can no longer connect to my MSP430BT5190.

    My setup: Windows XP -> USB -> FET430UIF connected through JTAG to the MSP. With CCS 4.2.4 it works fine. CCS5 requires a firmware upgrade to the FET which seems to work but then when attempting to debug CCS5 can not connect:

    MSP430:  Error connecting to the target: Unknown device

    If I downgrade the FET firmware and use CCS4 it is able to connect and debug without a problem.

    I've tried powering my hardware via the FET and externally both with same results. (With CCS4 either power configuration works.)

  • I have the same problem with MSP430F4793 Device......

    Please reply if any of you get the way out from this problem in CC5.1

  • We can confirm the issue of not being able to access MSP430BT5190 devices using the current version of CCSv5.1. This issue has since been addressed and the fix will be part of the next official releases of TI's Code Composer Studio and the IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430. Until this official version is available we can offer the attached patch for both CCS and IAR which will add MSP430BT5190 support to an existing installation. Please refer to the "CCS and IAR support packages.pdf" document included in the attached ZIP file for further instructions.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Andreas  Dannenberg
    MSP430 Applications Team
  • hi Andreas,

    Please help if you have any solution for MSP430F4793, The Problem is same as with MSP430BT5190 with other users....

  • Andreas,

    There is a new release for IAR. Does it include this fix? It is not clear in the IAR Release Notes.

    IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430 version 5.40.3



  • Hi Andreas,

       We have tried BT5190 with latest IAR 5.40.3 version, still i am getting same error (Fatal error: Could not find device (or device not supported)   Session aborted)



  • Hi

    Just received a brand new devboard: MSP-TS430PZ100 (

    Every jumper is left as it is from factory (J6,J7 on), no external power, just the FET430UIF connected to the JTAG port.

    Brand new MSP430F4784 introduced in it.

    CCS5.1: Error connecting to the target: Unknown device

    CCS4.2: Programming works well - no problem.

    So it's not a hardware design - the TI devboard reacts in the same way - doesn't work with CCS5.1, v3 FET-UIF firmware

    Tried Andreas's fix as well from this link:

    The results are the same - probably it fixes only for BT5xxx family (if it does).

    Regards, B.

  • Hi, patch is working fine with 5.40.2, But in IAR 5.40.3 fails(Fatal error: Could not find device...)

      Could you please solve our problem asap.


  • Folks,
    our apologies for the continued trouble. Unfortunately my initial statement ("fixed with the next release...") was a little too optimistic,  not considering the flurry of updates that is currently coming out due to various new MSP430 devices being released . I discussed with our tools team and basically it was too difficult to put the brakes on those already ongoing immediate releases. A fix regarding MSP430BT5910 along with a fix for MSP430F47x3 in our mainstream MSP430.DLL debug driver is currently scheduled for 02/17, with CCS and IAR IDE release updates soon thereafter. I'll update this thread as soon as I have any more specifics.

    I understand that the current situation is far from ideal. As an interim solution I would recommend not upgrading the IDE or re-applying the MSP430BT5190 patch provided earlier to a new IDE.

    As for the MSP430F47x3 I do not have specifics other than this is also a confirmed issue and that we are working on a fix. I'll go and check with our tools team and get back to all of you.


  • Folks,

    quick update on the issue regarding BT5190 and F47x3 device access. Please find attached an IDE patch for Code Composer Studio v5.1 as well as IAR Embedded Workbench to add support for those specific devices. You should only install this patch if you are using either device and have issues. This patch will be part of one of the next official IDE releases for both tools. I do not yet have a specific ETA-- this something we are currently working through. Will post another update as soon as there is any news.

    In the meantime please provide any feedback you may have.

  • Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for the Patch, Now I am Able to connect with F47x3 in CCS5.1

    best regards


  • The patch works together with latest CCS and MSP430F4784.

    It doesn't with CCS5.1.0 (at least my older install doesn't wanted to work) - it does not matter, just mentioned if someone else hits the same issue.

    Thanks for everything Andreas.

  • Gents,

    the issue with devices not being supported in the current IAR and CCS releases also extends to MSP430FW428 and MSP430FW429 devices. While we are working on a re-release of the respective IDEs I figured to post the latest driver-DLL update here since this is the most applicable thread regarding this topic. Attached please find a new patch that supersedes all patches previous patches posted here. In summary it will add support for the following devices:

    • MSP430FW428
    • MSP430FW429
    • MSP430BT5190
    • MSP430F4783
    • MSP430F4784
    • MSP430F4793
    • MSP430F4794

    To give some more background. A coverage gap in our regression test suite used for driver testing led to the scenario of certain previously supported devices suddenly becoming not recognized as we went through a major redesign of the debug stack (also known as MSP430.DLL v2 to v3 transition). We do take the disruptions this has caused very seriously and will take steps to prevent such occurrences in the future. As it looks like we can except IDE re-releases within the next 2-3 weeks which will remove the need for this patch.

    Thanks and Regards,
  • Andreas-

    Using IAR Kickstart 6.0, I am still having problems writing to the BT5190. The program crashes immediately after executing the "download and debug" command from the project menu. This happens even after trying the latest patch provided on Feb 17th. 

    As a quick sniff test, I also tried to read the program fro the BT5190 with fet-pro430 and I get an error that msp430.dll cannot initialize. However, the tuxracer program works fine so I assume that the drivers for the USB interface are working as they should.

    Any further suggestions?


  • Hi Chris,

    have you (or can you) tried a different MSP430 device to see if the tool chain is generally working? For example you could use an MSP430F5438A (pretty much exactly the same device as the BT5190) in your target board to see if this is a general issue or something specific to the BT5190.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Hi Andreas-

    I cannot try other MSP430 devices as I am using the ez430-rf256x with the BT5190 chips. Sorry that I did not mention that in the initial inquiry. 


  • Chris,

    good info, I can confirm the issues that you are seeing with the eZ430-RF256x development tool and I reported them to our tools team. If this is a blocking issue for you now you could use the latest code size limited version of CCSv4.2  Let me know if the code size limitation is an issue for you.


  • I am still having some troubles, Andreas, so I took a snap shot of my MSP-FET430UIF aggregate device of all installed devices for the ez430-rf256x. Can you confirm that this is what I should have installed for proper operation?

  • I am still running into problems with the MSP-FET430UIF not being recognized on the specified com port.

    I find it curious that the ez430 demo program runs flawlessly (im using the RF256x) and information is sent between the boards wirelessly and the incoming data is understood by the PC application. However connecting with ANY program for software flashing(fet-pro430, IAR,CCS) bounces back an error that the fet devices cannot be found on the specified COM port. 

    I've tried everything from different drivers to uninstalling all USB drivers on the system and starting from scratch, I even did a fresh install of Win7 to wipe out any programs I forgot about that might be causing a conflict. No progress. I've been doing this for about 3 weeks now and I'm at my wit's end. 

    I had read that some others had success by uninstalling cell phone sync software and certain mouse drivers, however since I am on a new install of Win7 these should not be an issue. 

    I am leaning towards the issue being USB driver related, however I cannot find any USB drivers to install. I only find the MSP430 UART driver to estalish a VCP/COM port relation. 

  •  Chris,

    I did some more testing here with different production eZ430-RF256x tools and I do not see any issue with an off-the-shelf CCSv5.1 install (no patches) as well as an EW430v6.0 install accessing this tool. The board that I initially used was a bad prototype.

    Also, on a related note the emulators that are on the memory-stick type of development tools ("eZ430") as well as on the LaunchPads have a different architecture as compared with the standalone MSP-FET430UIF. The eZ430 tools use a HID-type interface for the emulation connection whereas the UIF uses a VCP. Attached a screenshot from the device manager how an eZ430-type emulator should look like.

    All this being said and considering your device manager screenshot it looks like you have a bad tool (corrupted emulator firmware) that needs to get replaced.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Hi Andreas,

    We are facing the same "unknown device" problem.

    Is there any patch  for the MSP430G2153 device?

    We are using the CCSv5.1 and the MSP-FET430UIF tool.

    Thanks in advance,

    Andre Fernandes

  • Hi,

    I have same error message with MSP430F5528. CCS version, MSP-FET430UIF. No patches installed. Could it be the same problem? If yes, should I install the patch found earlier in this thread? Or do something else?

    thanks, regards


  • Hi,

    I seem to have the same problem with a CC430F6137 device, CCS v5.1.1.00031 and MSP-FET430UIF rev1.14a running the v3 DLL.

    Same question ... should I try the patch in this thread, or wait for other instructions?

    Have already had communications with TI about this in another post ( but have just found this post and thought that it may be useful to add this device to the ever growing list of "unknown devices".



  • Thanks,


    I have same problem with MSP430F4784 in  CCSv5.1 .

    installed all patches its works fine .

  • I hope you are still following this old chain.

    I have the same error message now working with G2755 and CCS Ver

    ICan you help ??

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