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MSP430 Charge pump current consumption

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I would like to know the current consumption of charge pump in MSP430F4152.
The datasheet mentions the "Average supply current" of the LCD is "3.8uA".
Can I assume this current doesn't include the current consumption of charge pump?
In our current application we found that around "30uA" current is consumed if we use the Charge pump.
I would like to know what is the avarage curreny consumption of the internal charge pump.

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  • The 3.8µA are for 'no LCD attached',as of course an active LCD consumes additional current, based on the size of the segments and line capacitances.
    Also, this is of course on top of any current the MSP consumes for other operation.
    Keep in mind that attaching the debugger may prevent LPM entry and the device will run in active mode or LMP0.
    Be sure to have the proper >4.7µF cap attached. Smaller capacitance may cause charge pump oscillation and may even damage the device. And will for sure increase operating current. Also, keep an eye on capacitor leakage (better use tantalum or ceramic cap).

    Finally, 3.8µA are for 2.2V supply and 3V LCD voltage and is a typical value (no min or max specified). Other voltages, other currents.

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