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MSP430F5529: How to test the UART example MSP430F55xx_uscia0_uart_01.c?

Part Number: MSP430F5529
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP-EXP430F5529LP


I am trying to run the following Code on the MSP-EXP430F5529LP launchpad.  

#include <msp430.h>

int main(void)
  WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD;                 // Stop WDT

  P3SEL |= BIT3+BIT4;                       // P3.3,4 = USCI_A0 TXD/RXD
  UCA0CTL1 |= UCSWRST;                      // **Put state machine in reset**
  UCA0CTL1 |= UCSSEL_2;                     // SMCLK
  UCA0BR0 = 9;                              // 1MHz 115200 (see User's Guide)
  UCA0BR1 = 0;                              // 1MHz 115200
  UCA0MCTL |= UCBRS_1 + UCBRF_0;            // Modulation UCBRSx=1, UCBRFx=0
  UCA0CTL1 &= ~UCSWRST;                     // **Initialize USCI state machine**
  UCA0IE |= UCRXIE;                         // Enable USCI_A0 RX interrupt

  __bis_SR_register(LPM0_bits + GIE);       // Enter LPM0, interrupts enabled
  __no_operation();                         // For debugger

// Echo back RXed character, confirm TX buffer is ready first
#if defined(__TI_COMPILER_VERSION__) || defined(__IAR_SYSTEMS_ICC__)
#pragma vector=USCI_A0_VECTOR
__interrupt void USCI_A0_ISR(void)
#elif defined(__GNUC__)
void __attribute__ ((interrupt(USCI_A0_VECTOR))) USCI_A0_ISR (void)
#error Compiler not supported!
  case 0:break;                             // Vector 0 - no interrupt
  case 2:                                   // Vector 2 - RXIFG
    while (!(UCA0IFG&UCTXIFG));             // USCI_A0 TX buffer ready?
    UCA0TXBUF = UCA0RXBUF;                  // TX -> RXed character
  case 4:break;                             // Vector 4 - TXIFG
  default: break;

The example description tells me that the UART will recieve from the Serial port of PC and echo it back. I am using the Serial terminal present in the CC Studio. But I am not able to recieve any Output. Am I missing any Connections on the Launchpad? Or what is the right way to test the above Code?



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