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CCS/MSP430G2744: MSP430Flasher programmer hex report issue Exit: 59 # ERROR: File type could not be identified

Part Number: MSP430G2744
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430F2272, MSP-FET

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


As test to build to create pal.hex to programmer into MSP430G2744 board,  I get MSP430Flasher programmer hex report issue Exit: 59 # ERROR: File type could not be identified. 

I tested other pal_good.hex file is OK.  why the CCS6.2.0 build the pal.hex can't burned into chip?Thanks!

I Inset the pal_good.hex and pal_bad.hex as

Below is the logs of MSP430Flasher:

D:\TI\MSPFlasher_1.3.17>MSP430Flasher.exe -n MSP430F2272_G2744 -w pal.hex -v -z [VCC]
* -----/|-------------------------------------------------------------------- *
* / |__ *
* /_ / MSP Flasher v1.3.16 *
* | / *
* -----|/-------------------------------------------------------------------- *
* Evaluating triggers...done
* Checking for available FET debuggers:
* Found USB FET @ COM19 <- Selected
* Initializing interface @ COM19...done
* Checking firmware compatibility:
* FET firmware is up to date.
* Reading FW version...
* Debugger does not support target voltages other than 3000 mV!
* Setting VCC to 3000 mV...done
* Accessing device...done
* Reading device information...done
* Loading file into device...
# Exit: 59
# ERROR: File type could not be identified
* Starting target code execution...done
* Disconnecting from device...done
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Driver : closed (No error)
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Hi Ray,

    could you please which Hardware interface you use to communicate with the MSP430G2744 target device? Is it the MSP-FET?
    Also, how did you generate the two different pal.hex files? Are you using TI tools and generate the file from CCS? What's the difference between those? Were both generated with the same CCS version and on the same PC?
    Can you confirm that both files follow the standard Intel Hex format?

    We'll try internally to reproduce the error and provide a solution. In the meantime please share the details I've asked for with my questions, this might help to troubleshoot what's wrong here.

    Thanks and best regards,
  • I took a look at his hex files, and I believe "good" and "bad" are named backwards.  "Bad" appears to be a legitimate hex file, and it goes through my hex2txt.vbs utility with no problem.  However, "good" is completely corrupt.  The lines look like this:


    instead of:


    So it's not in hex file format.  And that's why it didn't work.

  • Ray Liu,

    can you comment on what George indicated. George's answer is very well aligned with our internal feedback also.
    Could you please check and verify the given answer?

    Thanks and best regards,
  • Maybe some configuration of CCS is wrong, the issue is fixed as use the before setting. thanks!