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[FAQ] PROCESSOR-SDK-TDAX: Flip/Mirror support in the display node


Is it possible to flip/mirror the source image on-the-fly along the x/y-axis to create a mirror effect on the source data?

  • The DISPC supports on-the-fly source image flip along the x/y-axis to create a mirror effect on the source data.
    The below 3 patches could be used in order to make use of this feature.

    The patches are created on top of SDK 07_03_00_07

    1. TIOVX_Flip_Support.patch 

    In the process function of the display node, the buffer address to be assigned to Fvid queue should be as follow for respective flip options:

         a. No Flip        : No change in the buffer base address.

         b. Vertical Flip : No change in the buffer base address. 

         c. Horizontal Flip :  Buffer base address should point to Start of last line of the window

         d. Both Vertical and horizontal flip : Buffer base address should point to Start of last line of the window

    In the control function of the display node, new control command "TIVX_DISPLAY_SELECT_FLIP" is added in order to accept the flip command from the HOST.

    This control command uses pointer to structure tivx_display_fliptype_t as an input argument.

    Valid values for the flip type are as shown below :
     0 : No Flip
     1 : Horizontal Flip (Along Y-axis)
     2 : Vertical Flip (Along X-axis)
     3 : Horizontal + Vertical Flip


    2. PDK_Flip_Support.patch

    Correction in the increment value done for Horizontal flip.
    The correct value to the widthInBytes is  widthInBytes + pipeCfg->inFmt.pitch[0] - 1.

    Added CSL_DSS_VID1_ATTRIBUTES_FLIP_VAL_NOFLIP in case of No Flip option


    3. Vision_Apps_Flip_Support.patch

    Created additional user interface for flipping the source image by the user.

    User could enter 'f' and then the corresponding flip type required as shown below :

    v: Vertical Flip
    h: Horizontal Flip
    f: Full Flip
    n: No Flip

    Once the fliptype is selected, the Host send the information to the display node and the source image is flipped on the display.


    Please find the patches for SDK 8.2 below